There is an undeniable pleasure in taking part in water sports. The wind whipping through your hair and the water splashing on your body adds to the thrill. Indeed it doesn’t matter what your water sport poison is. You can spend hours without even realizing that time is passing. 

But there is the other side of the fun that you must be careful about. And that is the harsh effects of the sun, wind, and saltwater on your skin and eyes. The best advice for the former is to slather on plenty of sunscreen for the areas the sun will reach. The UV rays can cause a lot of damage, even resulting in diseases like skin cancer. 

For the eyes, it is a whole other ball game. The elements will dry out the eyes. The UV rays can cause macular degeneration, cataracts, and other serious retinal issues. Investing in a pair of sunglasses or prescription sports glasses for water sports can take care of such issues. 

Our article explores the benefits of sunglasses in water sports. So, if you love kayaking, paddle boarding, waterskiing, swimming, and other water sports, please read on. 

  1. UV Protection with Sports Sunglasses

One of the most critical benefits of sports sunglasses is UV protection. As we stated above, you can end up with a host of issues due to direct exposure to the sun. A pair of sports sunglasses with 100% UV protection is a must-have water sport accessory. 

There is some good news for water sports enthusiasts who wear corrective lenses. You can buy your choice of stylish prescription sports sunglasses online. Aside from the eye clinics, the Internet is full of trusted online stores where they can buy prescription sports sunglasses. 

The lenses of these types of sunglasses have your corrective lens prescription. So, you get UV protection and the ability to see as clearly as you would when using your normal prescription sunglasses. 

The other advantage of prescription sports sunglasses is that it frees you from carrying around two pairs of glasses. You can leave your prescription glasses at home without worrying about being unable to see.

Finally, contact lenses will not work well for water sports. There is the danger of losing them. Also, you may experience great discomfort if anything gets into the eyes. Prescription sports glasses provide an effective solution. 

  1. Sports Sunglasses Reduce Glare

The water’s surface is reflective and bounces off the sun’s rays. This means that even if you are not looking at the sun directly, you will still feel its impact. Kayaking, surfing, or even wakeboarding would be very uncomfortable with bare eyes. Imagine the blinding glare as you try to enjoy your favorite water sport. 

Outside of the immediate discomfort are other lasting negative and very unpleasant effects. Glare will force you to squint as you try to see. The direct result will be straining of the eyes and excessive fatigue. It doesn’t stop there, though. Expect to deal with nasty headaches which could last for days. 

When shopping for regular or prescription sports sunglasses, look for polarized lenses. That is a special feature that reduces glare. The anti-reflective coating blocks the reflection without compromising your ability to see well. 

Ensure the polarized lenses also offer 100% UV protection, as some do not.

  1. Sports Sunglasses Can Withstand Impact

You may be wondering whether you can use normal sunglasses for water sports. The answer is no. Sports sunglasses have special features that make them ideal for aggressive activities and long exposure in the sun. They can, for instance, better withstand impact without shattering. 

Glasses with an ANSI rating of Z87.1, for instance, have undergone testing for impact resistance. Z87+ rating incorporates impact and high-velocity resistance testing. 

There is also the ASTM standard. It looks at factors like the chances of the lenses dislodging from the frame. ASTM FF803 is the industry standard for protective sportswear. 

So, how do you determine, for instance, if the sports glasses meet the ASTM standard? For prescription sports glasses, check for the frame style, date code, and manufacturer’s name on the frame. For non-prescription frames, you will see the frame style and manufacturer name. 

The ability to withstand impact is critical for water sports like surfing because of the action of the waves. The same applies to wake surfing and stand-up paddle boarding due to the possibility of high-speed crashes. 

  1. Spray and Fog Resistance

Other than impact resistance, you also want spray and fogging resistance. We don’t need to tell you how unpleasant salt water can be on the eyes. You also want clear vision without having to deal with fogging lenses. 

The temperature difference between the wet lenses and your skin is what results in fogging. Kind of like what happens in the car when the ambient temperatures are cold. The best sports or prescription sports glasses can offer fog and spray resistance. 

Features To Look For When Shopping For Sports Glasses

We have already hinted at some features to look for when shopping for sports glasses. But it is important to summarize them and add a few more. 

So, please look out for the following when shopping for prescription sports sunglasses:

  • 100% UV protection
  • Polarized lenses (with UV protection) to fight the glare
  • Prescription sports glasses are available for those who wear corrective lenses
  • Soft padding around the frame. The cushioning can help soften the impact that can happen when surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and more
  • Curvature lenses offer a snug fit and more coverage for the eyes and surrounding skin. 
  • Fog and spray resistance. Sports or prescription sports glasses with hydrophobic coating will repel water. You don’t need to stop what you are doing to wipe the glasses. 
  • High-quality material for the frames and lenses. Polyamide or polycarbonate can withstand impact and is lightweight. 
  • Sufficient anchoring so that the glasses stay on. Those with wrap-around straps ensure the sports glasses stay on. Others even have an adjustable leash you attach to the sports sunglasses for extra security. You can ride the biggest wave without worrying about losing the glasses. 

Final Thoughts

Take care of your eyes as you enjoy your water sports. The best sports glasses have many benefits, as we have highlighted above. You get UV protection, anti-glare, fog, and spray resistance. 

And that’s not all. There is also the benefit of impact resistance. You don’t know how powerful the waves or water surfaces are until you crash into them. Your normal sunglasses would shatter in an instant. We don’t need to tell you that serious injuries or even blindness can be the result. 

Finally, even with corrective lenses, you can find stylish prescription sports sunglasses. We included what to look for when shopping for sports glasses to make it easy for you. 

Enjoy your love for water sports while taking care of your eyes!