The word “bracelet” is gotten from the Latin word “brachiale”, meaning ‘having a place with the arm’. Then again, most sources show that it started from the Greek word “bachile” which means ‘to the arm’. Also, other specialists say that it came from the French word “bracel” which is an old French term of a similar significance.

In the earliest times, the Indian bracelets were used for protection than using them as an accessory. For instance, the Ancient Greek warriors, or hoplites, wore bronze bracelets to safeguard themselves. In like manner, the great Roman militaries and their legionnaires wore iron armbands and arm guards.

Moreover, the British, Germanic, and Gaulish individuals of Europe wore iron bracelets, or torcs, as an image of their masculinity. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs wore bracelets and pieces of fashion jewellery as defensive charms against evil spirits.

Enchanted Heirlooms

Assuming you ask a young lady for what valid reason she is wearing an enchanted bracelet; she would generally say that it came (or was given) by her grandmother. Furthermore, this is generally the case since this kind of bracelets urges association with our elderly folks to remind us that they are always with us. Their presence is always with us even after they pass away.

Modern styles of bracelets

In today’s world, bracelet for women comes in various shapes, sizes, and designs. The bracelets are available in every type of metal be it silver, gold, or diamond, and even artificial ones. So, every woman can style it every day with their choice of clothes.

A bracelet was found that is of 40,000 years of age

Bracelets were additionally used to communicate abundance and power, as the Pharaohs and Emperors of old realms wore immense amounts of gold on their wrists.

Nonetheless, the oldest bracelet comes from Russia, it was made even before the tome of the kings and the emperors. The bracelet was founded in 2008 and was said that it was made 40,000 years prior by a human family member, the Denisovan primate! This inestimable ancient rarity is at the Museum of History and Culture in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Cartier bracelets are one of the famous ones

This bracelet is not found everywhere. They’re made with care and sold uniquely in the Cartier stores. They’re expensive and sophisticated and, all things considered, it’s amazing. I prefer not to let it out that the Cartier bracelets are great both in look and in feel. There’s a feeling of notable excellence when you wear one.

  • The Cartier Love Bracelet was made in the age of hippie (hippie movement in the US began as a youth movement.), 1969 to be exact. However, it’s as yet famous today. It is said to be the most popular purchase in the jewellery section.
  • It represents dedication and truth; it’s frequently seen as being like a wedding ring!
  • You are not be permitted to purchase this for yourself, ONLY an accomplice.  in ancient times during the 60s and 70’s a person had to prove that he/she is buying for someone special. Then only the bracelet was sold to them.