Best Flowers To Attract Bees And Butterflies

Are you a passionate gardener? Are you looking to create your home garden and set yourself in universal bliss? With all the natural beauty around you can mesmerize your senses and revitalize them. The hustle and bustle of the cities will no longer depress or stress you with the home garden to your rescue. Some fluttering butterflies, vibrant flowers and enchanting aroma can all help you feel the divinity of nature right at your home. 

If you have a home garden and are looking for the best flowers to plant, here is a perfect list for you. Here are the floral blooms that attract bees and butterflies, and just put the icing on the cake! The grace of the flowers and their numerous nuances bring to fore the elegance of nature. Experience a bit of it in your own garden. Order flowers online and take a step towards having a fantastic home garden!

  1. Borage 

Find the star-studded beauty right on the earth. The borage flower is also called the starflower. The attractive star-shaped blue flowers are perfect to attract bees and butterflies to your home garden. Not only are they pretty but useful as well. The borage flowers have many health benefits and are used to treat skin disorders. 

You can also find these pretty pointed blue beauties in a garden with many bees around them. These are also used as a medicine to treat dry scalp. These flowers are truly pretty and require very low maintenance. The seeds leave flowers edible, and you can add the culinary flavour with these vibrant blooms. If you’re looking to add the vibrancy of the Middle East and the goodness of herbs to your home garden, then these vivid blue flowers are the best ways to achieve that.

  1.  Butterfly bush

The butterfly bush is one of the cutest and most mysterious blooms that you can never find.Just like the exuberant lavenders, these butterfly bush blooms too have a lovely fragrance and would delight you in the spring and summer months. These nice-looking Woody shrubs can last up to two decades with the proper care and pruning. 

If you are a gardener by passion, then these fragrant blooms should be a part of your home garden, and you will be delighted with the incredible sight of butterflies spawning around with their vibrant wings. The pink-purple hue of these flowers is easing on the eyes and become the best ways to decorate your home with natural ecstasy.

  1.  Coneflower 

The natural coneflower grows as tall as two feet to attract the butterflies with sweet nectar. The heavenly pink colour of the flowers with the deep red bulb in the centre makes these blossoms attractive to the bees and butterflies. 

These flowers can be the perfect perennial borders for a vegetable garden and adorn the centre of your drawing rooms. If you like to have a pleasant aura around yourself every time, then grab a nice look at these coneflowers with the butterflies buzzing all around.

  1.  Cow parsnip

The large size of the umbels of these heavenly blooms can be an attraction not only for the pollinators but for the humans. These gorgeous white flowers have a fantastic aroma that attracts bees and wasps. 

The cow parsnip is one of the best sources of nectar for insects. One of the perfect ways to enjoy the irresistible natural beauty is to own these blooms in your garden. These not only are beautiful to look at but as enchanting to smell. So bring these charming heaven like flowers in your garden to enjoy the elegance and the companionship of buzzing bees.

  1. Dahlia 

Dahlias are in no doubt one of the most grateful flowers. The soft texture and silk like petals just melt your heart with a glimpse. You can find a florist in Hyderabad who can provide you with these exotic flowers and add to your home garden the king of bright blooms. It’s an excellent choice to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your backyard. These premium borage flowers are synonymous with exuberance. Plant these dahlia flowers that are your butterfly’s favorite and see the fluttering and buzzing in the evening to relax your body, mind and soul.