The liver is a vital organ of the human body, which performs various functions like regulating chemical levels in the blood and excreting the by-product called bile. When your liver fails to function properly, it can have serious health effects. You must take proper treatment if you are experiencing any kind of dysfunction in your liver. Some liver problems can be treated just by changing your lifestyle and habits such as stopping alcohol. But if you are at the end-stage liver disease, then you have to go for a liver transplant, a procedure in which your diseased liver is replaced with a healthy liver. 

Liver transplant is a risky surgical process that includes joining thin arteries and veins to the inner body. It is very important to choose the right hospital for your liver transplant, where you can rely on the most experienced doctors to perform the surgery. There are many hospitals in India that perform liver transplants. It would be a hectic task to compare and choose the best hospital for liver transplantation. Here’s a list of the best hospitals for liver transplant in India.

1. Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi

Max Super Speciality Hospital is one of the most reputed and busiest hospitals for liver transplantation in India. It has a team of experienced doctors who have performed 2600 plus liver transplants since 2001. The patients at Max Hospitals are given intense care during and after the surgery. The success rate of liver transplants at Max Hospital is over 95% and the ten-year survival rate is 80%. Apart from the popularity gained in India, patients from different countries also come here for liver transplantation.

2. Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon

This hospital is considered as one of the top liver transplant hospitals in India. The surgeons here have performed more than 600 living donor transplants. It is famous for the lowest infection rate and high success rates. It provides many facilities like a library area, audio-visual training aids and much more. The hospital has won many awards such as the Best Multi-speciality Hospital.

3. Apollo Hospital, Delhi

Apollo Hospital is the leading centre to get treated for various liver diseases and transplantations. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art-technology for liver surgery, which uses laparoscopic Argon Beam laser as well as tissue link. It provides effective health care by connecting to people with liver diseases.

4. BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi

This hospital provides state-of-the-art facilities required for smooth execution of liver transplants and is also capable of working 24×7. They have a specialist and experienced team of doctors who can deal with the entire spectrum of diseases of the liver, biliary tract, and pancreas requiring surgical treatment. It is one of the few centres in India where living donor transplantation is carried out regularly.

5. Fortis Hospitals, Delhi

The liver transplantation at Fortis is carried out by India’s most experienced and highly qualified team of doctors. The hospital has various evaluation centres for liver donors and patients. The surgeons at Fortis use highly advanced and innovative technology tosuccessfully treat patients suffering from complex liver diseases.

6. Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

Artemis is one of the best hospitals to get a successful and affordable liver transplant in IndiaThe hospital has a team of expert liver transplant surgeons and counsellors and offers living donor liver transplants for Indian as well as foreign nationals. They use cutting-edge technologies for which surgical operations and many other treatment activities are involved in liver transplantation.

7. Sahyadri Hospital, Pune

It is the fastest growing and most successful liver transplant centre in western India. The hospital has initiated state-of-the-art liver transplants, with the sole purpose to make this treatment affordable for middle-class people. The hospital has performed more than 75 liver transplants in just 1.5 years.

8. KokilabenDhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai

This is one of the reputed hospitals for liver transplants in Western India, which provides treatment and comprehensive care to all patients across the entire spectrum of liver disorders.

9. Kauvery Hospital, Chennai

This hospital has an exclusive liver transplant centre to provide specialized services to the patients. Patients from all over the world come here for liver transplant. They take special care of living donors and the patient before and after the surgery. They provide the fastest pre-transplant evaluation process.

10. KIMS Hospital, Hyderabad

This hospital offers a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach to the treatment of irreversible liver diseases. They have a specialist team for transplantation surgery, transplantation anaesthesia, and transplant pharmacy. They have a record of maintaining the highest long-term survival rate.

Liver transplantation is a risky process and involves many technical complications. Every year, around 50000-60000 patients with liver diseases require liver transplants in India. It is important to choose a good hospital where you can get treated by a specialized and experienced team of doctors, who can handle all sorts of problems during surgery. Choose the one that has high success rates and is feasible to you.