If you or a family member are suffering from addiction of any kind, then you require the assistance of an ‘addiction centre’. A person only accepts the reality that they require a rehab centre when they realize that they cannot quit the habit. The reason patients are not able to quit the habit is that narcotics addiction is not a habit, it is an ‘addiction’. Addiction is far more than a simple habit, and cannot be beaten with willpower. Not a single case of willpower works when it comes to addictions. The reason for this is that narcotics that are highly addictive play havoc with the Neurological Pathways of the patient’s brain. As the neurological pathways rewire and form new pathways to process thoughts and information, the patients/addict’s behavior also changes drastically. Certain narcotics display similar NLP changes always, and as a result all patients who are addicted to it, will by-enlarge display the same behavioral patterns.

The steps that you need to take as an addict;

If you’re an addict and have reached the point in your life where you realize that the addiction has got control over you, and you wish to be free from it, then you need to read on a bit, this information is for you. There is a point in addiction where your innermost mind will begin to rebel against the addiction and will want to be free from it. This is the right time to act on that feeling if you wish to be free. If an addict does not have an avenue to seek freedom from his/her addiction, it will result in depression and possibly an OD/suicide situation. What many non-users do not understand is that most OD’s (overdose) situations do not happen accidentally; they are intentional (in many cases) and are suicide. We realize that this is all just a tragic waste of life, and that waste of life can be prevented. Addicts do not need to surrender and give up hope, and they do not need to do it all on their own.

The possibility of full recovery for addicts does exist, and many have successfully accomplished that. Just like those before you who have walked the path of recovery in an addiction centre, you or your family member can also accomplish the same. We ensure that you receive the complete support and help that you require to gain your freedom from addiction. This help/support is essential and without it an addict cannot break the addiction. It entails a complete change of environment to our luxurious facility, where patients will receive professional psychological counseling. Counseling by a trained psychologist who works with addicts specifically is important, as the psychologist is able to understand the patient better. Patients of addiction often suffer from a range of psychological problems such as depression, anger issues, unresolved emotional and mental trauma, unresolved pain issues from their past, other problems that have had a psychological effect on the patient.

Professional help with the best rehab centre in Mumbai;

The manner in which addictions were looked upon in society in the past was very different. However, now due to the scale of the problem that is affecting the population of the nation, the problem has now taken centre stage. An addict is not a party animal who deserves what has happened to him/her. On the contrary, he/she is a victim of circumstance and has been affected/afflicted with a disease. The disease of addiction requires professional medically certified help and is a serious problem that cannot be treated successfully otherwise. Additionally, we at Best Rehab Centre strongly advise all family members of addicts not to use the services of unprofessional/uncertified persons. We understand that in desperation many family members believe the sales talk of conmen, who promise them miraculous healing. Because of their desperation, and the problems created by the addicts at home they feel compelled to do something about it. However, these forms of treatments are only and only to extract money from desperate people.

The only possible route of gaining freedom from addiction is through the use of a professional rehabilitation centre with trained doctors and psychologists. They are trained professionals who are certified and are knowledgeable and experienced in helping and healing addicts. By implementing a number of measures that include medical treatments to lessen the impact of withdrawal symptoms, psychological assistance, and patience, addictions are broken. No secret portions and powders exist, that will break the addiction without the patient’s knowledge. Many such conmen are available however with tall claims. However, the danger lies in the drugs they are administering to the patient. These may not be medically certified medications and can quite possibly be detrimental to the patient’s health. There are no herbal or ayurvedic cures for addiction either, if there was everyone would simply take those and the problem will be solved. However, the very nature of addiction makes it a psychological problem to begin with. That requires the neurological pathways to be restructured to the point where the patient can identify that the narcotic is bad for them and destroying their lives.

The road to recovery for addicts in Mumbai;

Half the battle is won in the rehab centre, and the other half is the patient’s successful assimilation into society. When a patient is released from rehab, they are back to the environment where they are free to do as they choose. Before this stage, it’s very important to break the addiction in a manner where a patient can resist the temptation to consume narcotics in any way or form. To accomplish this a patient needs intense therapy to resolve the underlying issues that caused him/her to seek narcotics or alcohol as a crutch for support. This also happens when the patient feels alone and has no emotional support structure to fall back upon. To ensure that a patient does not relapse, it’s important to address as much and as much of their mental and emotional trauma before they check out of rehab. If this step is not done properly, then the patient has a high possibility of relapsing. The relapse does not happen due to any physical withdrawals, it happens because of the neurological pathways dependence of the substance.

Typical, situations arise where the recovering addict/patient would normally resort to the use of the substance/narcotic that they use to give them a sense of strength. When patients or recovering addicts reach a point where they feel weak, it’s important for them to be able to contact their counselor for the support they require. If they do not have access to a medically tainted professional, the possibility of relapse increases manyfold. On the other hand, a trained psychologist/counselor knows exactly how to defuse the situation and how to direct the recovering addict back onto the path of recovery. Family members are untrained civilians who may have good intentions, however, due to their lack of knowledge will not be able to positively contribute to the situation.


For more information related to rehabilitation from addiction and alcoholism, you can reach us directly via the contact information mentioned on our site. Our trained professionals will answer your queries quickly and provide you with the best advice possible, depending on the situation and circumstances. We encourage you to contact us and look forward to helping you/your family member gain freedom from addiction, and gain their life back.