summer treks

If you’re attempting to climb precipitous inclines and navigate your way through narrow paths and rocks while escaping the routines along with the plan of beating the summer then;

Here is a list of some of the best lesser-known treks along with some  the popular ones to do during the tiring summer. It is assured that these treks will definitely take your breath away with its flawless scenarios and stunning beauties. 

1.kudremuk trek

Kudremukh trek  is located in the heart of the western ghats in Chikkamagaluru district in karnataka. It is a part of  Kudremukh National Park which is the second-largest protected area in the western ghats. 

It is elevated to an elevation of 6,207 ft and is regarded as the 3rd highest peak of Karnataka following Mullayyangiri and Baba Budangiri.

Kudremukh is stocked with rich flora and fauna. You also get to spot deers and peacocks on the way amongst other wildlife while you trek.

It’s a spectacular trek across the  green hills and foggy valleys. You’ll trail through lush grasslands, forests and ample gushing streams.

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2. Phulara Ridge

This trek escalates from Sankri, the base camp well-known for being the base camp for the famous Kedarkantha trek. This trek silently watches on with very minimal trekkers.

It is believed as one of the loveliest ridge treks in India. As you stand on Crest of the Phulara ridge, you get to witness the snow capped mountains getting stretched in a 270 degree arc  right in front of you.

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On the other arc you’ll see rolling hills stretch into the horizon. 

Right below you’ll see the mountain slopes falling on either side and making a boundary of the valley .Trailing through the ridge last roughly three hours and every single minute, you’ll feel as if you  are on top of a summit.

3.Ali Bedni Bugyal-

Ali Bedni Bugyal presents you with the grandest mountain views. Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti lie at an arm’s distance away from this trek.

The Ali and Bedni meadows carve an attraction, they are spread across a span as far and wide till your eyes reach. They are also considered as one of the largest high altitude meadows of our country.

Not only that, they offer you mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets when you are camping at Abin Kharak .

 You’ll have a  unique experience  trekking through the historic  and dense forests making you feel like this trek is a treasure land in itself.

4.Gidara Bugyal-

Gidara Bugyal is a very old , pristine meadow that is popular  for trekking .

 It is again one of the largest high altitude meadows , larger than its twin Dayara Bugyal. 

This meadow is comparatively larger than the twin meadows of Ali and Bedni Bugyal as well and It takes at least two days to hike up and accomplish. 

Although it is popular in trekking circles, this trek  is extremely secluded. Very few people trek in these meadows. The only signs of human trace you can likely spot are the shepherds and their settlements around the first campsite, Rikoda.

You might see some mountain dogs or two. But ,likely to be the only people trekking in this place and camping in these meadows.

5.Buran Ghati

Any nature enthusiast will have knees shivering on this trek. This is one the picture perfect treks that one can experience , it has the best parts of India’s greatest treks twinned together in one trek.

This trek has the bewitching forest portions with dream-like alluring meadows of Dayara, and has the best campsite.

In addition to this , there lies a thrilling pass crossing at 15,000 ft. where you get to rappel down a snow wall. 

This is an immensely pleasing trek.

Summers are all you should wait for because The snow will begin to melt in the mountains and revive the beautiful flora it had hidden beneath the frozen beauty. 

The less brutal breeze, little greenery peeping out as the spring approaches , the mountain life restarting after a brief pause.

The summer  treks are the perfect way to get a breathing space from the scorching heat and humid weather. 

The above-mentioned treks are the best treks in summer and promise you  an astounding outdoor experience that you have experienced never before. 

Before setting your foot, make sure to check the treks for their difficulty grades, considering your trekking experience and level of fitness.

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