Streaming App

We are surrounded by social media apps and very well connected to the internet. In other words, a lot of people are potential leads for online businesses. This has made the online platform a good source to make good money and become popular. Because of this, many people are shifting to the online platform for growing themselves. The quickest way to grow your reliability among people is by doing interactions through live streams. Not only will you increase your reliability in people’s minds, you can also earn money by doing live streams.Therefore, we’re sure you realize the importance of live streaming in today’s time. Also read best app for making money.

But what are the good apps? Which are the good apps where you can do live streaming and become famous? To make that confusion clear, we have made this blog where we mention the best live streaming apps.

  1. Bigo Live- Bigo LIVE is a mobile application for streaming live videos in order to enjoy real-life interaction. This app works on Android and iOS devices. Using this app, it is now easier to have live chat with over 200 million people from more than 150 countries and make them friends.Bigo has been one of the oldest Live applications and has enjoyed the confidence of users.
  2. Changa-  Changa is one of the incredible applications that is becoming famous in the short-video category quickly.The User Interface of the app is identical to TikTok, so those coming from TikTok won’t be having any problem in adjusting to it. Alongside this, you have the choice to share videos, WhatsApp status with, Challenges, and substantially more stuff. Users can earn money on the Changa application by live streaming their content. The live video will permit users to come live on the application and show their performance. The viewers will also have the chance to gift the performer in the form of coins. You can also check best paytm cash earning apps
  3. Periscope- Periscope is a live streaming application that is famous for live streaming games. It has all the support of Twitter behind it since Twitter procured Periscope before it even launched in 2015. You can download the application from the app store, login using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account, allow the application to use your receiver, camera and location, keep your phone in a good spot and press “Go live”. When your stream has started, you can two-fold tap to turn the camera around so that the viewers can see you.
  4. Moj- Moj is an Indian video-sharing app, developed by the Bangalore-based organization Mohalla Tech. It offers highlights enhancements, short videos, emoji, stickers, and types like dance, travel, singing, acting, and comedy, that have a length from 15 seconds to one minute. Not only this Moj App permits clients to download recordings and supports 15 languages. Moj App was released very quickly after TikTok was banned by the Indian Government and has more than 100 million downloads in such a brief time.
  5. StreamKar- StreamKar app was launched by Tipping Point Technology. It allows you to enjoy video chat and make special friends. From real-time interaction to live video streaming, this application permits you to be a member of Live Video Fun and enjoy playing games with players all over the world. It is a social mobile platform where you can show your talent.

We hope this article will help you in your pursuit of Bets streaming app in Tamil.