Not all smokers are easily acceptable to the nicotine fix. Surely smoking does affect their taste buds and one of the best things about switching to e-cigarette is that you get your sense of taste and smell back. Luckily, vaping doesn’t taste bad because you have so many e-liquid flavors to enhance the flavor. There are different options to suit different palates. However, sometimes a change in the temperature may bring a change in your preferences, appetites and cravings. Same goes with vaping. You may need different Vape Flavours for different seasons. Here are some of the best e-liquid flavors for summers.

Fruit flavors

There are a lot of summer fruit flavors available which are perfect for the hot weather. The different fruit and berry flavors are available individually as well as in mixed status to pick from. You can pick from Kiwi, Strawberry, Watermelon Ice, Fruit basket or Dragon fruit alternatives.

Tropical flavors

Another amazing option recommended for summers is tropical flavors and nothing works in summer like tropic fruits. These e-liquids will take you to beachy summer holidays and cocktails. If you want to try them then go for Rum Ting, Pornstar Martini and more.

Cocktail flavors

Speaking about cocktails during the summers, who doesn’t love it! So, if you are a fan of cocktail flavors, then you have a number of e-liquids available. A number of brands offer cocktails in bottles of vape. Some of the flavors enjoyed by people are Bramble cocktail, Cosmopolitan cocktail, Peach Bellini and Strawberry Blue Pom Mojito.

Lemonade flavors

An ice-cold lemonade is always refreshing for hot months and you have so many vape juice bottles available in this flavor. Some of the class lemonade flavors include lemon and lime and lemon sherbet.

Sorbet flavors

During summers, a lot of people enjoy drinking sorbets of different flavors and this brings in your chance to get these flavors in your vape juices too. The Dawn, Blackcurrant smoothie, Cola, Pear Drops, Vamp toes and Blueberry Slushy are some of the recommended sorbet flavors for you.

Ice flavors

In case you are not familiar with the ice flavors, then here are some of them recommended for you to give you a fresh and cooling effect. The flavors are enjoyed when inhaling and you get a chilled ice feel when exhaling, making it a great option for summer. Some of the ice flavors are triple X Mint, Black Ice, Redster, Minty Cassis, Banana Ice, Blue Ice, Watermelon Ice and more.

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