Candles are cheap and easy to create. Everyone can be hooked by how simple combined ingredients are made to use in your home or office. If you love to venture into business and burn the midnight oil, read the best ways to sell candle containers.

Know The Type Of Candles

The first important decision you must make is what kind of wholesale candle containers you sell and the appropriate candles to use them for. These include the following:

●      Paraffin wax- Simple and economical, paraffin wax contains no additional additives and can be used to make various candles, including votives, tealights, pillars, and tarts.

●      Scented candles- There are many different kinds of wax and sizes of scented candles. Most commonly, essential oils and scented substances give these candles their signature aroma.

●      Decorative Candles– Decorative candles emphasize aesthetics above aroma or performance. The purchasers of these candles may never light them but utilize them for decorative purposes; their unusual designs can offer a special touch to an office or house.

●      Soy Candles- This type of candle is considered the most popular on the market nowadays. The candles are eco-friendly because it is made from plants. Soy candles also last longer and burn cleaner.

Identify Your Target Market

Finding your target market is essential because it consists of the audience segments you wish to attract through your marketing initiatives. This way, you will understand where you can approach your customers who want to buy your product. However, in the candle business, these are the target markets that mostly fall into different categories:

●      Prestige-This is a new part of the candle business that is multiplying. A candle can cost between $20 and $80 for the average high-end customer. Luxury buyers are drawn to excellent packaging, scents, and brands with interesting stories.

●      Mid-Market-Mid-market shoppers often buy candles with different scents like grapefruit, basil, or rose water because they have a wide range of tastes. Even though they aren’t the most expensive, mid-market candles cost more to make than mass-market ones.

●      Mass Market- Even though mass-market candles don’t have any unique ingredients or parts, they can still look and smell nice. This market is for you if you want to reach people with less money to spend.

Create Your Branding

To market, you need to know your brand identity to change how people think about the candle business. Start by taking amazing photos of your products. Ensure your photographs are clear, showcasing shapes, color, texture, and labels like the custom perfume box you can see online. Tell people about your brand, your product, and how it works for buyers.

Market Your Business

In the candle market; there is excellent competition for attention. Therefore, you must find strategies to attract more eyes to your items. Since online buying is a trend today, you can market your product to a broad audience online, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Shopify, where you can access acar accessory wholesale or others with just one click. Using digital channels will help you reach many potential buyers and have easy access to the details of your products.  Here are also the following  digital channels you might want to venture into:

●      Etsy- Etsy is considered one of the best places for creative entrepreneurs to sell their goods. This means that millions will see your candle containers of people. It can reach more than 26 million active buyers worldwide, and the sales often reach billions annually. Homemade candles and candle containers are popular items to sell on Etsy.

●      Social media promotions through prizes and contests- As part of your social media marketing, you can hold a series of giveaways with some of your products as prizes. Not only can these events help spread the word about your brand, but they also give you a chance to show how well your candles work.

●      Sell Locally- The farmer’s market is an easy way to start selling directly. You probably have one near you. You can display your products in the Farmer’s market and sell your products that might interest your buyers.

●      Festival and Craft Fairs- Just like the farmer’s market, you are allowed to make direct sales and receive good feedback. You can search for nearby fairs and festivals in which you can showcase your product and increase your sales.

●      Create holiday promotions and Sales- Encourage your buyers or viewers to avail of your holiday promotions and sales. Candles and candle jars are excellent gifts for your loved ones, like on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. You can be creative in your social media posters, like putting holiday-themed designs.



At first, selling might be complex when you don’t know the direction of your business and the importance of your product. Indeed, you can start your new hobbies like collecting your candle containers and put extra time for you into marketing them.  With all the great resources on the Internet, it’s easy to learn how to make candles or platforms where you can sell your product. It’s easy to find and buy the materials you need; you only need a few essential tools. Your candle container business could be profitable in the first few months if it costs little to start up.