We all love our fair share of Nutella-oozing cookies and nachos with dipping sauces, but there’s something about gourmet food online, like a packet of aloo bhujiya, that helps us get through difficult times. Snacking is both delightful and nutritious thanks to the taste of Indian spices coupled with organic seeds and toasted almonds. It makes sense for consumers to stock up on various Khakras and Namkeens before international travel. We gathered this list of delectable Indian gourmet food websites that we cannot live without, and maybe you won’t. There are also some healthy options available, so fear not.

Choose from the following online gourmet food stores to shop at your convenience:

5. Big Bazaar

Fruits and vegetables, bread, dairy, frozen goods, eggs, meat, fish, pantry staples, ketchup & sauces, fruit juices, packaged foods, and beverages are available through the Android/iOS app and website of Big Bazaar.

Sweets and namkeens, chocolates, household essentials, skin, and home care items, laundry, and sanitary products are among the additional products that may be delivered in two hours at savings of up to 50 percent. Packaged candies, desi snacks, and dried fruits are on sale in the festive section at a discount. You can find almost every gourmet food online here.

4. JioMart

The online gourmet food shopping platform of Reliance Retail Limited is a customer-centric solution that prioritizes prompt delivery and provides a practical and easy purchasing experience. No minimum purchase is required to utilize the service, and it accepts several payment options, including Sodexo meal cards.

You can select from categories such as farm-fresh and exotic fruits and vegetables, fresh flowers, herbs, and seasonings, dairy, bakery snacks, new batter, and chutney, in addition to staples such as different types of flour, food grains, spices, dry fruits, and nuts that are available in various combinations. You may also utilize JioMart coupons to get savings between 50 and 70 percent.

3. Nature’s Basket

The online store and physical retail locations of Nature’s Basket provide gourmet meals and fresh goods. On both the desktop website and the mobile application, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, groceries, artisanal loaves of bread, products for foreign cuisine, and fast dinners are among the emphasized categories.

You can find FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) such as packaged food, beverages, toiletries, stationary, personal care essentials, over-the-counter medicines, confectionery and patisserie, an assortment of cheese, and delicious bakery products on their user-friendly website, which offers quick checkouts and simple search functionality.

2. The Spencer Shop

Spencer’s, one of the oldest retailers to offer food and groceries, today sells booze, apparel, general household items, and appliances. The firm provides various fresh products and gourmet food, such as fruits, vegetables, bread, meat, chicken, and fish, in addition to specialty cuisine, fast-moving consumer goods, cosmetics, and other requirements.

Reputable companies offer products in a variety of sizes and quantities. For orders to be delivered within three hours, you may choose from various delivery windows or examine the expiry dates of the products.

1. Rural Treasures

The mission of Rural Treasures is to bring you the finest culinary, personal care, and plant care items from all regions of India. To get these genuine items, they had to go across the rural areas of India, consisting of tiny villages and off roads. They have high hopes that their business would help level the playing field between city and country living. After doing in-depth research on urban life, they concluded that the current generation puts their health in jeopardy by eating meals that are highly processed and made using chemicals. 

They work very hard to provide you with items that are entirely natural so that they can put an end to this compromise. For example, many stores will offer you jaggery, but how often are they pure to be consumed? That is why, from Rural Treasures, you can buy natural jaggery online, which is 100% pure. Apart from that, you can buy honey, milk powder, edible oils, flours, skin care products, hair care products, etc. Their team members work hard to provide you with pure, unprocessed, raw items so that you may lead a natural and healthy lifestyle. Farmers create these things by adhering to time-honored processes and using information passed down through generations.