Fastest WiFi deals

Back in the day, people would only dream about having an internet connection. These times, no one cannot imagine life without it. Although people choose to limit the usage, it’s a crucial source of information for business owners and students.

For business owners, the internet has become an exceptional tool enabling them to reach their target market from all over the world. But, on the other hand, students utilise it for research and completing their projects and school work for moms, dads, and the lovable kids, family, and friends.

If you’re living in Australia and searching for the best WiFi deals for business or personal use, here are your options! 

The Fastest WiFi Deal You Can Find

Do you see yourself as a busy person who cannot handle any setbacks with work, school, or entertainment? Well, you might like to check out these NBN premium speed deals. As you would have expected from NBN, when it promises a faster connection, it will deliver.

Would you believe that you can download HD films in under 10 minutes with the premium speed WiFi plan?

You may select from the:

  • Telstra’s unlimited 100Mbps bundled deal with the minimum cost of $95/month.
  • Belong provides complete data of 100Mbps speed for $90/month, but it’s exclusive for broadband.

Is there a cheaper ISP?

Of course! 

  • For $74.90/month and $89.90/month for an ongoing contract, Tangerine provides 100Mbps. 

Other ISP offers 96Mbps of unlimited data, typical for the evening speed, with the minimum cost of $69.95 up to $99/month.

Can Cheap Plans Be the Best Deal?


Did you know that Tangerine grants its clients unlimited data, with 25Mbps of standard speed, no contract terms, and runs at $44.90/month?

However, after the first six months, the ongoing fee will cost up to $59.90 and solely for broadband. You’ll also get the chance to acquire the trial period from Tangerine for two weeks. And if you’re not pleased with all, for any reason, you’ll get a full refund of your preferred plan.

Is there another alternative aside from Tangerine? 

Definitely, and these provide at least up to 10GB data to unlimited data.

  • With TPG, you’ll get 12Mbps of up to 10GB of data and for the minimum cost of $29.99/month. The selections are either month to month or for six months.
  • TPG goes big time with its cheap deals of up to 100GB, bundled up broadband and home phone, for $49.99/month. It can be on a month-to-month contract or every six months.
  • Dodo gives you the unlimited data you’re craving for with a speed of up to 25Mbps. It’s exclusive only for broadband use for $50/month.

The Most Ideal Bundled + Home Phone Deal For You!

Do you want to get your money’s worth with a bundled broadband and home phone deal? If it’s what you want, it’s yours!

These connect easily with the same towers and networks as your mobile phone. 

  • Tangerine leads its XL Speed Boost Bundle Broadband Plan of unlimited data, 50Mbps for only $64.90/month.
  • For $75/month, 50Mbps of unli data for a month-to-month contract for 12 months.

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