Best Windows Server Plans – Most of the best web hosting services provide packages that are based on Linux servers. Linux OS is secure, free, and extremely reliable. Moreover, it provides you exceptional web applications for various uses. Hence, there are suitable reasons to opt for Microsoft and Windows for Linux hosting requirements. Specifically, it is true for websites for .NET, ASP.NET, or various other Microsoft technologies, and anyone planning to use Microsoft stack products. Therefore, you can easily rely on Windows rather than Linux hosting. Hence you can search and use the best Windows server plans without even committing to Microsoft’s apps. 

Among all the best Windows server plans, you get support for some of the common apps, including WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, and Joomla. Even if you don’t get cPanel, Plesk, or similar tools, you can check site status, make email accounts, and use remote desktop features.

There are many remarkable concerns for the exceptional Windows hosting plans, such as app selection, license fees, and limited troubleshooting alternatives. However, such services are one of the best options in these kinds of situations. Here you will discover and evaluate some of the best Windows server plans to help you discover an apt hosting plan for your business on this International Day of Peace (UN) – 21 September.

What is International Day of Peace (UN) – 21 September?

Every year International Day of Peace (UN) – 21 September is observed all around the world. The UN General Assembly has acknowledged this day and devoted it to strengthen the peace. International Day of Peace (UN) – 21 September is a day to observe 24 hours of cease-fire and non-violence.

The year 2020-2021 have been tough for everyone, specifically because of COVID 19. Yet, as we heal from this pandemic, we are motivated to think creatively regarding how to help people recover better, build resilience, practice equality, justice and sustainability.

The theme of International Day of Peace (UN) – 21 September is “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world.” You can join in with the United Nations family and contribute to focus and recover better for an equitable and peaceful world. On this International Day of Peace (UN), we celebrate to stand against the act of online and offline hate by spreading kindness and hope during these days of the pandemic.

This International Day of Peace (UN) – 21 September, we introduce you to some of the best windows server plans.


Navicosoft provides the best and cheap Windows hosting. You get the ability to host with full trust and remote access to the IIS manager. It gives you the greatest hosting values. Moreover, it offers you a whole new exceptional experience with a wide range of services to fit your hosting needs. Navicosoft has a team of specialists that provides 24/7 support.

The hosting servers are good enough to provide 100% SSD disk space with top-quality hardware. In addition, it provides you cheap windows hosting on the servers consisting of up to 10 CPU cores, unlimited traffic, and guaranteed RAM.

If you choose the basic Pro-W package, you will get free Domain Name, 8 GB Web Space, 150 GB Data Transfer, 3 MYSQL DATABASES, 15 Email Addresses, and 100KB/s Transfer Speed. However, it will cost you $47 per year. If you need some additional and advanced features, you can upgrade your plan to Mega-W or Bronze-W.

Navicosoft’s Unlimited-W plan can be your ultimate choice if you need features such as free Domain Name, Unlimited Web Space, Unlimited Email Addresses, Unlimited Data Transfer, 20 MSSQL databases, and 20 MYSQL databases. This package starts from $120 per year, which is great since you get everything in an unlimited range.


HostGator provides you a wide range of the best Windows server plans covering all your personal and business requirements. It ranges up to highly-specified and dedicated servers using power to operate anything.

The starter Personal plan includes support for one website, and you get unlimited subdomains, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases, and unlimited bandwidth as well as disk space. The price starts from $2.64 a month if you can sign up for a three-year plan. Hence it is even cheaper than most of the Linux plans of some providers.

HostGator’s dedicated plans are more up-to-date, but it still lags behind some competition, using SQL Server 2014 Express, Windows Server 2012 R2, and ASP.NET from 2.0 up to 4.6. 

The Value Server plans start from $89.98 every month, and the special deals are as low as $79.99. But be careful since you might have to sign up for three years. In addition, it provides large introductory discounts, which means that you might have to pay even more than double the amount.


Cheap Windows hosting has a good reputation since it is costly, but their shared Windows hosting varies from plan to plan. Prices start from $5 per month for the initial year and after upgradation move to $10. Even the basic plan is specified with Linux competition. You get one website, unlimited bandwidth, 25 email accounts with 2GB storage per account, 100GB web space with daily backups. Moreover, you get 24/7 phone as well as email support, along with a free domain and SSL certificate.

Windows-specific features provide you five Microsoft SQL databases of more than 1GB each, MVC 3, 4, 5 and ASP.NET 4.7, ASP.NET Ajax. In addition, you get support for SQL import and dedicated app pools since your plan will be operating on Windows Server 2019.

If you ramp up to the Expert Windows plan, you get 500 databases (1GB SSD), a dedicated IP, malware scanning features, 500 email accounts, along with integrated Cloudflare-based CDN. It is worth the value since you get $10 per month for the initial year.

A shared plan gives you full control of the server, but it has flexible VPS and dedicated plans. Therefore you can avail them at low prices. Moreover, you can opt for cheap Windows hosting instead of Linux hosting. But it will cost you an additional $20 per month.