The Body  Mass Index(BMI) is also known as the Anthropometric Index, it is the precise measure of the weight range at different ages. The BMI is going to change along with the growing age, the BMI Calculator  is a good way to determine the average suitable range at different ages. The main thing about BMI is that different age groups require different levels of weight. The Change in the energy level is also the other main reason for different BMI for different age groups. You can design a complete chart for kids by using the BMI chart for kids, this would help to find what is the precise BMI for different age groups of children.

 It is essential to calculate your  Body Mass Index( BMI) separately, and it is continuously going to change with the altering requirements of the body. It greatly helps to choose what kind of diet and calories, you can take during 24 hours time. It helps to control your weight and the intake of calories. The  BMI Calculator helps to determine our BMI index value according to our age and height. There are always different BMI values for various persons and genders.

The formula of the BMI Index:

BMI is the most commonly used Index for grown men and also for adolescents. 

The simple formula for calculating the BMI can be determined by dividing the weight in Kilograms by the height in meter square, so we get the resultant formula:

           Body Mass Index( BMI) = Weight(Kg)/Height (m)² 

This is the simpler form of the  Body Mass Index( BMI), it is going to change with the addition of age and the genders. The calories requirements for different persons are variable for different age groups and also for the genders.

In this article, we are discussing why we need to use different BMI Index for different age groups and genders:

Why are we using different BMI Calculator?

The energy level is variable for them as the kids need more calories as compared to the grown men. This is the main reason there are different and particular BMI Calculator is going to be used for kids and men. You can make the BMI chart for kids and the BMI calculator for Men. The same comparison can be done for the boys of age 10 years and the grown men. They need different levels of BMI and calories, so we are going to use various BMI for Boys and Men. 

The BMI index for Boys and Men:

We normally use the BMI calculator for Boys for teenage boys normally between the age of 10 to 18 years. After the age of 18, we normally consider a boy as grown men, now you need altogether a different energy level, which is going to change due to your activity level, and the age, you can say the age is one of the most crucial variables for the BMI Index, this why we normally use various BMI Calculator for men according to their age, activity level, and the height. For men, we use the BMI calculator for Men. You need to enter your age and height in the BMI index calculator to find what is the requirement of the BMI for a particular age of the person.

The  Girl BMI index and their requirements:

The guilds have specific needs and requirements as compared to the boys, as they have altogether totally different body structures. Girls have various hormonal stages, the teenage girls have variable BMI index weight as compared to grown women. Girl BMI calculator is best to find the weight of teenage girls as they are developing their body mass. At this age teenage girls are building their body tissues and bones, so their energy requirement is quite different from the old age women. 

When the girls are grown then they have different energy and calories requirements, their different hormonal changes are going to take place in their bodies. The menstrual cycle and progesterone and estrogen hormones are essential for their proper maturity. So they need to use the Girl BMI calculator. At this particular age, the energy requirement is going to increase in girls, especially after the age of 16.

The Last words: 

The BMI index is quite different for teenagers and grown people, this is the main reason we are using different BMI Calculator for different age groups. It is quite essential to calculate the BMI index for the girls and boys differently from each other.