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We’ve learned a lot about the needs and goals of web designers who use our platform after more than three years in business.

We understand that they have a lot on their plates handling clients and meeting deadlines. Our objective is to provide them with a dependable platform that allows them to quickly develop (and bill) sites.

While the Boost 360 team has made numerous strategic enhancements to Without Code’s core foundation, we realized it was time for the big rebuild–a total overhaul of our dashboard, including site management and pricing systems.

Here’s an early glimpse at some of the new features and enhancements coming to Without Code as we near the launch of our new platform.

Part I of this post describes the platform’s core features and upgrades, as well as the reasoning for focusing on these areas.

Part II highlights our plans to revamp Without Code’s membership approach to usher in a new era of growth and improved support for our users.

This comprises some possible queries (PAQs?) that you might have.

Without Code, Part I – Version 3.0

It’s more rapid – “dramatically” more rapid (as our dev team puts it)

Our new dashboard, without getting too technical, makes use of recent app design methods to create a more dynamic system.

In plain English, things load extremely quickly and allow us to easily implement new features. This will be felt the most by our most active users.

For users with hundreds of sites, our existing dashboard can take a long time to load. This volume and above is easily handling by the new dashboard.

New Organizing System – Quickly locate what you require

The new dashboard uses a “project-centric” paradigm, in which web pages and other services are organized into projects.

Projects may include a website, as well as extra services that we aim to deliver in the future, such as cookie compliance, SEO, and other custom site plugins.

On a single page, you’ll be able to see every product and service related to a specific client. Our bills are based on project names, and you’ll never get an invoice that doesn’t specify the customer and product it’s for. We’ve also included an app-wide search engine that can help you locate websites, invoices, subscriptions, and anything else you might require. Projects can also be categorized, filtered, and readily identified right on the dashboard, as is customary.

Stripe-powered billing is now available.

Stripe is the undisputed king of online billing. And we’ve sifted through what feels like thousands of pages of Stripe documentation to incorporate the app’s most recent billing and subscription management functionality.

As previously stated, bills will be sent straight from Stripe and will include the project name and product ordered (for example, Project: Steve’s Bakery – Annual Website maker Hosting – Site ID 123456).

Stripe’s host the billing administration pages are also using in our new billing, allowing you to update cards and manage subscriptions directly on their billing site.

Why would we re-create something that a multibillion-dollar corporation has already completed?

Finally, without the need for assistance, subscriptions can now be upgrade or lower to different plans (such as eCommerce). You’ll just have to pay the difference between the old and new plans because payments will be automatically prorated.

Publishing is simple (and bug-free) and may be done directly from the dashboard.

Since our launch, browsers have evolved substantially, and one of the most frustrating issues for our users was an error you’ve probably seen before (“you do not have permission to purchase this site”). This mistake was caused by a cookie issue in our publish flow, which is only going to grow worse as browsers evolve. The new platform will require you to publish sites directly from the dashboard – not from the builder itself – to streamline our publish flow and restructure our invoicing. This is how practically all contemporary site-building platforms work, and we believe it substantially streamlines the payment process for our users. And don’t worry, you can still republish your site from within the builder.