With the increasing use of social media, today’s youth is falling prey to insecurities. They want to change everything about themselves that doesn’t meet the high standards of society.

This has created a big market for surgeries that enable one to alter their appearance to some extent. Despite all the negative opinions, some surgeries are helpful for those who need them. This cirugía de reducción de senos is one of the examples.

What is breast reduction surgery?

It is a type of surgery performed to eliminate extra fat, skin or tissue from the breasts. It is also called reduction mammaplasty. Mostly, women are the ones in need. 

But in some men, a condition called gynecomastia causes their breasts to grow abnormally. In this case, similar surgery to reduce the size of the breasts is needed. 

When is reduction mammaplasty required? 

Mainly, women with large breasts seek such surgeries. To feel comfortable about themselves, they look for reduction mammaplasty. 

But, there are other issues related to large breasts. Women undergo surgery to get rid of these too. 

  • Chronic pain neck, shoulders and back 
  • Severe nerve pain 
  • Restricted activities due to large breasts 
  • Prolonged rash or irritation under the cup of breasts 
  • Difficulty in finding clothes with a modest fit 

These are some of the reasons. However, not everyone can get breast reduction surgery. 

In the following cases, this surgery is not recommended by professionals:

  1. Excessive smoking 
  2. Heart problems or diabetes 
  3. Chronic obesity 
  4. Reluctant to scars 
  5. Underdeveloped breasts 

Consulting a professional 

Before one undergoes the actual surgery, they need to see an experienced surgeon. The surgeon can help only when they receive accurate information. So, the patient is encouraged to share their medical history with the surgeon. Some professionals ask for the medical history of the family as well. 

For the surgery to be successful, patients should be open and comfortable with the one who will operate on them. The surgeon should know the exact reason why the surgery is being performed in the first place. Also, some photographs of the breasts are needed to draw a list of goals that the patient wants to achieve through the surgery.  

How can one prepare themselves for breast reduction surgery? 

Here are the major steps that one needs to make to prepare themselves completely. 

  1. Discuss the medical history and overall health with the surgeon. 
  2. Set expectations and goals for the surgery. 
  3. Ask questions and clear all the doubts.
  4. Examine and measure the breasts. 
  5. Figure out the type of anaesthesia. 
  6. Complete all the mandatory lab tests.
  7. Go for the basic mammogram. 
  8. Wear a comfortable and loose t-shirt on the day of the surgery. 
  9. Arrange for the stay at the hospital or drive home, whichever the case may be. 

Risks involved in reduction mammaplasty 

With all the benefits and positive results, some side effects and risks are a part of the deal. Like every other surgery, it takes time for the body to heal and adapt to the changes. 

The risks and side effects are listed below.

  1. Infection or bleeding 
  2. Allergic reaction to the anaesthesia used 
  3. Loss or removal of sensation in nipples or the surrounding skin 
  4. Inability or difficulty in breastfeeding 
  5. Asymmetry in both breasts 


Modern medical procedures are like a blessing to mankind. But, with all the benefits, some negative aspects follow along. So, it is the responsibility of the patient to be prepared accordingly. With proper precautions and care, nothing is difficult, and the procedure is a success.