Top YouTube Gaming Influencers and Best Gaming YouTube Channels
Top YouTube Gaming Influencers and Best Gaming YouTube Channels

Purchasing a gaming monitor needs a lot of research and knowledge. You have to keep yourself aware before going for purchasing. Gaming monitors have a lot of things that must be checked like Refresh rate, response time, etc but, it depends upon the type of game you want to play. If you are fond of Fighting games you must look for a monitor that is perfect for fighting games. You have to confirm the features like Screen size, resolution, g synch technology, and eye care technology.

Similarly, if you love warzone games and want a monitor for the world of warcraft, you will easily get that. There are a lot of other games, but generally, fighting games and warzone games are loved by most people and the general criteria of selecting a monitor for gaming is very simple and we will explain to you every parameter you required before going to shop or order it online.

Now, let us start exploring the most important features of gaming.

  • Eye care technology

The most ignored feature nowadays which is very much important for you is the presence of eye care technology in your monitor.  Eye care technology helps in eradicating the harmful effects of the screen on your eyes and provides you with a smooth and healthy experience. There are several eye care technologies present in monitors like flicker-free technology and low blue light technology.  These technologies improve the quality of display and provide you with a comfortable experience and if your usage is more than 8,10 hours, don’t worry, your eyes will remain safe. Must explore best monitors for eyes.

  • G synch Technology

This technology is very useful in playing games with more realistic graphics and more close to nature experience. G synch or free synch technology links your processor’s graphics processor with your monitor and hence, you will get the dedicated memory for your graphics visuals. In this way, you have a dedicated memory that will not burden the system’s memory. This technology improves the transitions of visuals and provides you with more beauty and limitless enjoyment. No doubt this technology is very important if you are a gamer.

  • Screen Size

The size of the screen really matters for gamers. The large screen offers a more amazing experience as compared to the small screen. The recommended size for gaming is 27inches which is ideal for playing games. Similarly, less weight is more desirable as compared to heavy items.

  • Refresh rate and Response Time

Refresh rate and response time are two very important features that describe the performance of the monitor. If the response time is high like 1ms, you will have a very fast and speedy processing of your visuals and very smooth transitions of the graphics. Similarly, a fast refresh rate also does the same thing and increases the efficiency of your monitor in gaming. Refresh rate is measured in Hertz(Hz) and it means the number of times in a second a screen refreshes the new commands. And Response time is measured in milliseconds(ms) and it is the time taken by your monitor in processing your command. 1ms is the outstanding response time. If you are interested in Nintendo Switch, do find the best monitor for Nintendo Switch.

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