Advantages of the CA Foundation Question Papers From CA Wizard

Therefore, CA Foundation question papers will help students to practice more and more and prepare well for the examination. During the preparation, the most crucial thing is practicing ICAI CA foundation study material. ICAI has vast elements for CA foundation study such as CA foundation last year question papers, revision test papers.and  mock test papers, 

Usually CA aspirants get confused about the CA foundation subjects since this is the first phase of CA. It includes objective as well as subjective papers. Students must clearly understand all the topics and units to write answers to theoretical questions and solve the practical questions.

CA Wizard, therefore, has curated all the question papers with the suggested ICAI answers. This helps students to recall the entire syllabus. And also help them to get an idea about the paper pattern, question types, marking scheme, etc. Not only this solving CA foundation question papers helps students to enhance their writing speed and accuracy too.

Students preparing for the CA foundation exam should download PDF of the CA foundation question papers with suggested answers for the upcoming exams from CA Wizard. As it will help students with stress-free preparation and better performance in the main exam.

Top 5 Benefits of Solving CA Wizard Foundation Question Papers

CAwizard provides question papers based upon the latest ICAI curriculum Also, the question papers are similar to main CA foundation examination questions papers. This makes students more confident about the exams and releases their stress for the main exam. By solving several question papers, students can analyze their performance and work accordingly for better performance.

There are more benefits of solving CA foundation question papers from CA Wizard, which are explained below:

CA Foundation Question Papers Helps to Analyze Performance

The question papers, mock test papers, and revision papers of CA Wizard help students to analyze their performance for the main exam. By solving various question papers, students can easily acknowledge their weak points, topics they need to revise again, and also can learn to manage writing speed.

One of the Best Reliable Source of Practice

To appear for the exam, students need to do proper practice of both theoretical and practical subjects. For better practice, solving CA foundation question papers is one of the best solutions. Solving the question papers helps students to understudy their performance, their speed, and their accuracy. Solving our recommended question papers after completing the syllabus will be helpful for your revision.. This ultimately enhances the confidence level of students. Therefore, students should look forward to solving more and more CA Wizard question papers.

Simplify the Exam Pattern for Aspirants

By solving Cawizard’s recommended question papers you get a comprehensive idea about main examinations papers. Once students solve several CA Wizard question papers, they will get to know about the different variations of the questions. Students can prepare accordingly and can score outstanding grades in the main examination.

CA Foundation Papers Helps to Improve Writing Speed

CA foundation theoretical papers are quite lengthy. Students need to complete their papers on time. Solving CA Wizard question papers can improve your writing speed and skills. Students go through the same exam pressure, and certain time duration which gradually improves the student’s writing speed.

Helps to Stay Confident for the Exam

Once students have practiced enough CA question papers, analyzed the performance, aware of the exam paper pattern, worked on the accuracy and writing speed, then they develop confidence for the main exam.

How to Solve the CA Foundation Question Papers

CA foundation consists of both objective and subjective papers. Students have to solve question papers for both of them .

  • Subjective Papers

First two papers 1 and 2 are subjective question papers in the CA foundation exam pattern . Students need to practice as many papers as they can. This will improve their writing skills and can work on their accuracy.

  • Objective Papers

CA Foundation Paper 3 and 4 are objective.  Students must practice question papers as it will help them know the types of questions or similar questions which come in the exam.


As CA foundation exams are coming closer, students must start solving CA foundation question papers. To easily access all the papers, students can download the pdf of the CA foundation question papers with suggested solutions from CA Wizard.