Can digital painting be done on phone? Don’t worry about it, we are introducing you to the best digital painting applications. They will help you with the easy creation of perfect drawings or paintings.

We are mentioning the best 3 digital art software for mobile through which digital painting can be done on a phone screen.

Best 3 Digital Drawing App for Mobile Devices.

Here is the best digital art app for phones which makes it easy to create drawings or paintings.

  1. Clip Studio Paint
  2. Adobe Illustrator Draw
  3. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Now explore their features to know how they are the best digital painting apps for drawing on phone.

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is the best digital art software for iPhone. It was designed by Japan and mainly used for creating digital comics, general illustrations, and 2D animations.


  • It is a perfect application with multiple painting designs such as watercolor, oil paint, or cel-shading to enhance your drawing.
  • You can use your favorite brush style and textures for your painting for a traditional look.
  • Paintings can be started immediately whenever you want through customizing brush styles and preset tools.
  • The color selection is so easy, you can select or manage colors with color palates. Not only simple slider or circles but the midrange colors, same palate colors, or color history.
  • You can compare or check paintings to try new ideas for your designs.
  • It sets your pen pressure automatically so that you can draw better and smooth lines.
  • For the final touch to your video, it provides Tonal Correction Layers. Or make adjustments to image brightness, contrast, tone to make perfect drawings.

Clip Studio Paint software might be expensive for users. So the company provides some discount offers to the users at the time of seasonal sales. Users can use Clip Studio Coupon Code to purchase it for an affordable price.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw is a digital painting app for android. It is a vector-based program specially designed for touch screens. This app provides you multiple features by which you can draw easily on your screen. This software offers the perfect drawing tools that you need.


  • You can create ascendable drawings and logos through colors and shapes. Also, you can make typography, recolor graphics, or draw freehand and trace.
  • Your drawings are automatically synced to the cloud. You can pick your drawings anytime from where they are left.
  • Draw out colors from any photo or fill them into your drawings. It automatically traces a handmade design and converts it into vector graphic design.
  • This is a simple drawing program by which you can draw anywhere the inspiration comes from.
  • There is no need to send large files to edit videos.

Point To Remember-

This application is free to use but only for the basic features. You need to pay a certain amount for its extended features.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a complete tool for creating drawings with digital painting tools. You can discover or rediscover new ideas of drawing and painting through Adobe Photoshop Sketch.


  • Provides you various forms of brushes such as spray paint or wash effect. And finds identical brush types according to your painting/ drawing.
  • It has very high-quality brushes to improve calligraphy and many watercolor brushes for a splatter effect.
  • You can create drawings anytime and anywhere as it automatically syncs your most used brushes to the cloud.
  • A new set of brushes can be imported for the perfect drawing styles.
  • You can make 3D text animation with this digital painting program that is used for creating 3d headings.

Point To Remember-

Adobe Photoshop Sketch offers only 7 days free trial. After that, you have to buy its subscription for $24.17 per month.


At the end of this guide, we hope it is clear to you how to do digital art on mobile. Above mentioned software is perfect for digital art on phones and offers best features to users.

We recommend you to use the Clip Studio paint app for creating mobile art. This software provides all necessary features for digital art on phone. And it is useful for beginners as well as pro users. If you are a beginner and you have started a new site, you can get hosting and deals from WebToolOffers and get a maximum discount from using our coupon codes.