The SOP M4 Combat Slingshot is a high-end belt that provides military personnel with the most flexible and convenient belt that they can carry. This product is one of the first made in the United States. It is also one of the best constructed and the most durable around. The US military was impressed with the unique design and durability of the SOP M4 Combat Slingshot. The US Army and Marines both use the Combat Slingshot for tactical belt wear.
The SOP M4 Combat Slingshot features a fully lined flap that is secured with Velcro along the flap’s entire length. A second flap along the top of the bag is lined with tactical nylon to provide additional protection. A flap on the inside of the flap is lined with a nylon gear pocket that is lined with an optional C-Mag. Both flaps can be reversed if they are not needed for carrying a C-Magazine. When reversed they lock into place and there is no access from either side.
The combat sling is normally used by Special Forces such as snipers or other close-quarter battle field personnel. It is normally used to carry a pistol, although other ammunition can be transported as well. This is the perfect accessory for any user as it has a fully lined flap, a quick release buckle and a nylon gear pocket. The SOP M4 has been designed so that it is very stable and secure. It has been constructed using a heavy duty aluminum frame and strong velcro straps on each side. It can be used by all sizes of male users, even those that have small hands!
The socom m4 combat sling is currently used by all branches of the United States armed forces. It has been specifically designed for the USMC, USN, Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy. The sling has a modular design, making it compatible with all military equipment. It is also fully compatible with military packs, bags and other pack type bags.
The 1 point vs 2 point sling Carbine is one of the most popular military tactical company equipment available on the market. Its high strength load distribution allows it to be used in a wide variety of environments. The sling swivel is used to mount accessories such as scopes, laser pointers, laser transfers, laser pointers and additional sling attachments. It can also be used as a one-man automatic sling pack.
The SOP M4 Carbine comes with two separate handles, a forend which can be rotated 90 degrees and a rear sling mount which can be locked in place. The forend has a fully adjustable cheek rest and adjustable straps for comfortable mounting. The rear end of the Carbine has an internal cross bow latch that can be locked or unlocked. This allows the user to change the cross bow between a standard rubber butt cap and an iron butt cap. Also, the cross bow can be used with an AEG or a shotgun instead of a pistol.
The adjustable sling mount is made out of heavy duty nylon and features both an ocular lens and a laser pointer crosshairs. The adjustable straps are padded for extra comfort and include an internal snap lock. One of the most popular modifications is a reversible side clip where you can mount your pistol with the same mount for use on either the right or left side. This special thanks to the unique feature allows the users to switch from left to right side only during battle.
The collapsible stock and gas cylinder powered by an AC rechargeable battery gives the users a comfortable and stable firing position during battle. Finally, the collapsible stock is equipped with a rear sight notch for a better target identification. These are the unique features of the Socom M4 Combat Sling that has been put together for maximum utility from each product read more single point vs two point sling.