You Need All the Help You Can Get

One thing you’ll find defines your new role in society as a parent will be the fact that you’re not an isolated “unit”. You’re not an “island”. You are going to need help as a parent, whether through parental support groups, through friend networks, or through family. Lean into that, because without such resources, you might not be able to afford being a parent.

However, every situation is different; perhaps community involvement isn’t necessary for you. Alright then, do you think there are pieces of information you might not have encountered that could be helpful? Mankind has been around for thousands of years, and that means billions of parents have gone before you. They’ve found some “life hacks”, as it were. Let’s look at a few.

Vinegar for Minor Burns

Your child might, as a toddler, put his little chubby hand on a hot stove or radiator. A little vinegar can help treat such a minor burn. Here’s a list of 49 parenting “hacks” that will help you handle the ups and downs of parenthood more smoothly. As you develop as a parent, and your child matures, you’ll find your own little tips and tricks; share them!

Lanolin for Sore Paps

Sore nipples are not only likely after you start nursing your newborn, they’re to be expected. For one thing, your nipples aren’t “used to” nursing. Though your breasts may engorge such that it’s embarrassingly easy for you to produce milk, the tingling that comes with latching and the change of state from “dry” to “wet” can leave paps raw.

A good solution is lanolin, which will make nipples feel less raw and tender. You can also use varying lotions, petroleum jelly, or breastmilk to soothe sore breasts. Check out this list of the most common breastfeeding problems for additional challenges you’re likely to face as you nurse your newborn.

Making More Money

You’re going to spend between $200k and $300k to raise your child from infancy to early adulthood. Call it $1,300 a month, or about $350 a week; $42 a day. How can you make an extra $42 a day? Call it an even $60 a day to keep your weekend. Well, here’s a list of 26 ways parents can bring some additional income in every month.

Seek promotion. Diversify income. Rent out a room. Do some “gig economy” work on the side. Cook all your meals at home. Cancel spurious subscriptions to services you hardly use. Find any way you can to live beneath your means and stack an extra $1,300+ a month. Do that, and you’ll seldom have financial issues as a parent.

Finding Your “Rhythm” as a New Parent

Supplementing income, using solutions like lanolin for sore paps, exploring parental hacks like vinegar for minor burns, and tips of this kind can help you perform better as a new parent. The going can be tough. Preparation makes the road easier.