MS Excel is one of the most powerful tools for business and data analysis-related tasks. If you want a sales report, client data, employee data, etc., you can do all of that using MS Excel. It is one of the best tools you can consider adopting if you want to give a jumpstart to your business or career.

Several companies have MS Excel or advanced MS Excel as a preferred skill in their job descriptions. Therefore it is important to have a brief conceptual as well as practical knowledge of MS Excel. An advanced excel course online with certification might help you to gain skills that will eventually help you to get a job. According to several reports, MS Excel is one of the most demanded skills in the industry. In this article, we will be discussing the career scope of MS Excel in the industry.

Table of Content

  • What is MS Excel?
  • Why should you learn MS Excel?
  • Job Career in MS Excel

What is MS Excel?

Microsoft Excel is one of the software in the Microsoft office suite. MS-Excel is a spreadsheet software developed by Microsoft which is a collection of rows and columns which collectively forms the structure of a table. It is used to store and analyze the data. It provides a grid-like user interface that helps users to store their data efficiently.

It is a kind of software that makes complex tasks like organizing a company’s data more effortlessly, eventually saving time and cost.MS Excel is also used to carry out several mathematical calculations using formulas that are specially designed for Excel spreadsheets. Ms-Excel also provides visualization of data, which means analyzing the data and its trends through visual representation with the help of graphs, charts, pivot tables, etc.

Why should you learn MS Excel?

MS Excel is one of the most in-demand software skills in the industry. Therefore, most organizations need a person who is proficient and has advanced excel knowledge. On a personal level, MS Excel can be used to organize day-to-day work, expenses, earnings, etc.

On an industry level, MS Excel is mostly used to organize the business data like employee records, salary expenses, finance-related tasks, etc. Knowing MS Excel can give you a headstart in your career with numerous opportunities.

There is a widespread career scope of MS Excel in the industry including working for Financial organizations, IT organizations, auditing organizations, etc.

Career Scope in MS Excel –

Data Analyst:

Data Analyst analyzes data. They examine the data using different tools to extract meaningful insights which might benefit the organization. Data analytics make predictions and conclusions using software like MS Excel which is also used to visually analyze the trends of profit and loss of an organization.

Business Analyst:

A person who keeps records related to an organization or business and those records are then utilized for analyzing and identification of areas where improvement is needed is known as a Business Analyst. They use a tool like MS Excel to analyze large amounts of data sets. A business analyst takes data-driven decisions which will be used to increase efficiency and improve the previous decisions taken for the business.


An Accountant looks after the accounting tasks such as financial analysis. They also audit and record the transactions happening in an organization. They are responsible for the interpretation and analysis of financial records and transactions. An accountant identifies the risks related to finance and provides an efficient solution to the problem. They use MS Excel to maintain the financial records and then for analyzing the records.

Store Manager:

The Manager of a store takes care of the daily transactions of the concerned store. A store manager runs a store’s daily tasks like maintaining the staff, making policies for the store, etc. The profits of the store are also taken care of by the store manager so that the profits should be maximized as much as they could by analyzing the profit trends, product sales, etc., which can be done easily by using MS Excel.

Data Journalist:

A Data journalist uses data analytics and information to write stories. They are responsible for creating stories using large amounts of data sets. Data journalism is just like data science. A data journalist uses large amounts of data to extract insightful information which can be used to write stories. They use MS Excel to store data sets and then analyze them to extract information.


Now, let’s summarize what we have discussed till now –

  • MS Excel is one of the most powerful tools for business and data analysis-related tasks.
  • An advanced excel course online with certification will give you a jumpstart in your career.
  • The career scope of MS Excel includes having jobs like business analysts, data analysts, accountants, etc.