Central kitchen

A central kitchen, also known as a commissary kitchen. Restaurants that are operating multiple outlets hire commercial kitchen shared space. The meal components or the entire dishes are prepared at a central location and distributed to the various outlets. The concept of central kitchen assumes great significance as we are going through times when restaurants are battling with wafer thin profit margins.

5 key benefits of a central kitchen

Economies of scale – In the case of large Food & Beverage operations, there is enormous cost advantage that comes with operating in a central location. You can achieve major savings in per unit cost due to its huge size. As per Hospitality review, as much as 10% can be saved in bulk purchasing at a central kitchen when compared to buying for each individual outlet. You can accomplish significant reserve funds in per unit cost because of its enormous size. According to Hospitality survey, however much 10% can be saved in mass buying at a focal kitchen when contrasted with purchasing for every individual outlet.

Increased efficiency – In this concept, all the raw materials and ingredients are stored at a central location. Thus, there is no more chaos associated with running out of stock or misplacing ingredients. Inventory tracking becomes much easier and employees can focus on more important areas such as customer service and presentation.

With the help of cloud based restaurant POS such as inresto POS , you can optimise the kitchen turnaround time as well. The other benefits of central kitchen are fewer manpower requirements, transparency in communication, reduced transportation costs, and better waste management.

Scope of expansion – It’s much easier to expand your business operations. As part of the cooking process, you prepare several items such as sauces, soups etc in bulk. If those items gain popularity among your customers, then you can start supplying them to other grocery stores and supermarkets. As a feature of the cooking interaction, you set up a few things like sauces, soups and so on in mass. On the off chance that those things acquire prominence among your clients, you can begin providing them to other supermarkets and general stores.

Consistency – When you run several restaurants, it may not be possible to offer the same taste across all locations. Inconsistency in taste often leads to customer complaints. Diners easily make out the difference in taste after trying out the same dish at multiple outlets. Central kitchen helps maintain consistency as all the food items are prepared at a central location.

Scope for additional income – If you are not utilising the space in the central kitchen to the full capacity, then you can rent it out to small restaurants.

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Parting Words

The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused a major dent in the revenues of traditional restaurants. Hence, the concept of central kitchen has gained immense popularity due to the enormous cost benefits. The episode of Covid-19 has caused a significant scratch in the incomes of customary eateries. Thus, the idea of focal kitchen has acquired colossal fame because of the gigantic money saving advantages.