Quite a few changes and additions have been made in the 2021 Chevrolet Corvette, which are quite significant. These changes are made to ensure this car to become even better than what its previous generations could think about. In other words, this is the best Corvette manufactured till date and is a sports car that you should own these days from Jacksonville Chevrolet dealer outlet.

Changes that appear in 2021 Chevrolet Corvette

Before going through its powertrain and other features, there are a few changes that every individual should be aware of. A lot of features have been made standard by Chevy; these consist of Android Auto, Apple Carplay, gauge display has been changed to digital format, and safety features that include an individual require buckling up to start this car from a park position.

2021 Corvettes can also be ordered with magnetorheological dampers if that is what an owner desires. However, to get these a person will need to purchase the package Z51 from the dealer. In addition, though the engine offered is same as its previous generation, it is now placed behind passenger compartment, instead in the front like earlier models.

Other changes include cosmetic changes like applying racing strips of different colors and also new color scheme for the interior portion, etc. If you want to know about the different color schemes available for racing strips as well as the interior portion, just contact Chevy dealership Jacksonville.

Now that you are aware of the noteworthy changes that are available for the 2021 model, you should always consider going through some other specs of this vehicle that makes people opt for it in a heartbeat.

Other specs

Powertrain of this sports car is remarkable; V8 6.2-L is equipped to provide it with a 490-hp; however, equipping Z51 package will let it provide you with 495 horsepower. Also, it makes a huge torque of 470 pound feet and takes just 2.8 seconds for reaching 0-60 mph, which is much quicker than its rivals in this category.

Such acceleration isn’t the only appealing aspect of this vehicle. It offers precise handling especially when on highway, track, etc. ensures people receive the thrill most seek when driving a sports car. Furthermore, it offers excellent mileage in this segment as it offers in city and on highway 15 mpg and 27 mpg respectively.

Also, interior is comfortable enough and designed with top-notch materials that makes it look and feel posh. Massive infotainment display along with other technological features, this is a car worth every dollar you pay for it.

Lastly, before visiting any dealer, you should know the cost of this car too. Chevrolet ensured that it is affordable for all and priced its base model at $61,000 approximately. A sports car of this remarkable nature in this price is a dream for all. However, if you are planning to purchase it then you should opt for the 2LT ($68,300) or 3LT option ($72,950) and add the Z51 package to it.

If you are buying a sports car then it should be the 2021 Chevrolet Corvette and no other car!