Charming Places in Texas Ranked by Senior Citizens

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Texas is considered to be one of the most senior-friendly states in the US. And we can see this easily based on the fact that a lot of retirees choose to retire in Texas. That said, certain locations are much better for seniors than others, based on a few important factors. Read More : Razelnews .And choosing the right location for your retirement is an incredibly important part of the process. Fortunately, deciding where to go is much easier when you have the opinion of people already living there. After all, good reviews and recommendations can go a long way in helping you make a decision. So, in order to help you make a choice, we’ve put together a list of charming places in Texas ranked by senior citizens, and we hope you find it useful.

El Paso

El Paso is first on our list of charming places in Texas because it’s one of the most affordable places in the state. Going into retirement, our income tends to get fixed. As such, if you want to have some spending money, living in an affordable city is very important. However, its affordability isn’t the only thing El Paso has to offer. It’s safe, and the community at large is quite friendly; also, the city is home to the Franklin Mountains State Park. This park is the largest urban park in the US, located entirely within El Paso. The median monthly rent price in El Paso is $837, and the median monthly mortgage cost is $1,236. However, before you make the decision to move to El Paso, or anywhere really, you need to consider the important things before committing to the move, as you won’t want to make a mistake.


At the southern tip of Texas, running along the Gulf of Mexico, we can find the city of Brownsville. The city has an overall charming atmosphere which, when combined with the proximity to the beach, attracts seniors from all over America. Additionally, the weather is quite mild here, so anyone can enjoy the beach at Brownsville year-round. And, to top it all off, Brownsville is also quite affordable, which makes it even more popular among seniors. Brownsville is also quite close to South Padre Beach, which is a very popular beach location in Texas. When it comes to actually making the move, however, experts from note that you should let movers do most, if not all, of the work. After all, preparing for a move can be a very difficult experience, physically. So, don’t push yourself too hard, and let the professionals help you out with the moving process.


If you’re someone who enjoys fishing, Beaumont is the city for you. Beaumont can be found in southeastern Texas, following the Neches River, and many seniors enjoy its peaceful atmosphere. Nearby Sabine Lake is connected to the Gulf of Mexico, which makes it a perfect spot for saltwater fishing. Additionally, Beaumont is only an hour and a half’s drive away from Houston. This means that residents of Beaumont also have easy access to amenities from the big city while living in a charming and peaceful place. Finally, Beaumont has fairly low housing prices, which when combined with the previous benefits, makes it one of the most popular choices for retirees in Texas. However, whether you choose to move here or somewhere else, remember that organizing your new place is very important for settling in properly. So, take the time to properly organize everything when moving into your new home.

Jacinto City

Jacinto city is a quaint and small city in Texas, and it’s considered by the residents to be one of the prettier cities in Texas. The city is home to a very beautiful park and it’s fairly safe while also being affordable. In general, the residents of Jacinto City like it for its calm, quiet, and beauty. However, one very important factor to consider is that Jacinto City has very good healthcare. Needless to say, this is a very big bonus for seniors looking to settle here for their retirement. All in all, if you want a safe and laid-back place to settle down, you can’t go wrong with Jacinto city. However, if you need to make a long-distance move to get to Jacinto City, remember that experts are the best assistance. And remember to thoroughly research the movers before hiring them, whether it’s a long-distance move or not.


One of the more obscure charming places in Texas is Killeen. Killeen is a city in central Texas, popular with retirees because it’s very affordable and, more importantly, both very peaceful and incredibly safe. Another major benefit of Killeen is that it’s within driving distance of several larger cities in Texas. From Killeen you can easily get to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. This excellent location makes Killeen a practical location for seniors who want to occasionally enjoy what the big cities have to offer without having to live in them. Also, according to seniors who live in Killeen, the city’s community is incredibly friendly. This makes finding like-minded people and integrating into the community very easy in Killeen. And, when organizing your move here, remember to save time wherever you can. The moving process can be quite long and tiring, so make it shorter where you can.

Charming places in Texas ranked by senior citizens – closing thoughts

When choosing a location for your retirement, there are a lot of very important factors to take into consideration. However, a lot of people tend to forget that the place you choose should also be charming. After all, you should do your best to enjoy your retirement, and that’s much easier to do in a location that is both friendly and beautiful. Thankfully, Texas has no shortage of places like this for seniors to pick out and settle down in. However, we recommend also doing some research on your own to make sure the place you choose will suit you in the long run. We hope that this list of charming places in Texas ranked by senior citizens helps you out, and we wish you a good day.

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