It is mandatory to follow the traffic laws in India while driving a vehicle on public roads. The traffic rules and regulations in the country have been fixed as provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act of India. Breaking the traffic rules can impose a risk on the driver’s life and hence it is essential to abide by the traffic laws.

If you are caught breaking any traffic laws, the traffic police would issue a challan and you are liable to pay the fines. The traffic fines for different types of violations have been lately increased according to the amended Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. The revised traffic fines came into action from 1st September 2019. According to the New Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019, here is the revised list of traffic fines in India:

Driving without DLRs 5000
Drunk drivingRs 10,000
Overspeeding a vehicleRs 1000-2000
Driving without seatbeltRs 1000
Driving without insuranceRs 2000
Jumping red lightRs 1000-5000
Using a mobile  phone while drivingRs 5000
Racing a vehicleRs 5000
Not allowing emergency vehicles to passRs 10,000
Driving without helmetRs 1000
Overloading a vehicleRs 2000
Riding without ticketRs 500
Unauthorized use of the vehicleRs 1000-5000
Using a vehicle without a permitRs 10,000
Driving without RCRs 5000
Using horn in the silent zoneRs 2000
Disobeying the order of authoritiesRs 2000
Juvenile OffencesRs 25,000
Violating road regulationsRs 500-1000
Overboard passengers in a public vehicleRs 200

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Out of various traffic violations, there are certain violations for which the fines can be paid on the spot by the violator whereas few violations require the vehicle owner to visit the court to pay the fines. Travelling without a ticket, permitting an unauthorized person to ride the vehicle, disobeying the orders of traffic police, driving without DL or RC, using a mobile phone while driving, overspeeding a vehicle, not using a seat belt or helmet while driving, using a horn in a silent zone, etc are traffic violations for which you can submit on the spot fines. Jumping traffic lights, drunk driving, juvenile driving, driving against the flow of traffic, etc are few traffic violations that require you to appear in front of the court for submitting the fines.

You can also pay your traffic fines or e-challans online. Here’s the step by step guide for submission of traffic fines or challans online in India:

Step 1: Open the official website,

Step 2: Press on the ‘Check Challan Status’ tab

Step 3: You will be redirected to a new page, submit your DL number or vehicle number

Step 4: If there’s no pending e-challan against you, a Challan Not Found’ dialogue box will appear

Step 5: If there’s a traffic fine or challan released against your name, a page will appear listing every detail about the traffic fine

Step 6: Choose an appropriate mode of payment to submit the fines online

Alternatively, you can also pay or check your pending traffic fines challans from the official website of your state’s transport department. For instance, the AP e challan pay online facility is available on the transport website of Andhra Pradesh.

For offline submission of challans, you can visit your local traffic police station. Also, the majority of the time, the vehicle owner is notified about the challans through an SMS. This SMS is sent on the mobile number registered with the RTOs. For example, Andhra Pradesh (AP) RTO offices have complete details about the vehicle owner of this state including the address and the mobile number.

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