Screw Pile Foundations

The land will decide the type and the variant of the screw pile it needs. Helix or screw pile foundations are a type of pile foundation that can be installed with multiple helixes, and these helixes are screwed into the ground to hold the foundation. People can use one or more helixes based on the nature of the soil. For example, if you want to build a foundation on soft ground then you need to install more helixes to hold the foundation.

Why Would You Choose Screw Pile Foundations?

Engineers prefer screw pile foundations for several reasons. Installation of these foundations can take less time and you can use different types of plants for the installation. For example, you can simply use a hand-held machine to install a screw pile foundation, and you can even use steel to install an entire foundation on the ground.

Such foundations can be used for various industries, including railways, telecommunication, and civil engineering. Screw piles can bear a heavy load and it has a large tensile and compression load-bearing capacity. You do not need to remove the soil to install such foundations and you can install such foundations in proximity. Apart from that, you can remove such screw piles whenever required. These foundations are completely eco-friendly. 

Benefits Of the Screw Pile

There are so many reasons why people want to invest their money in these screw piles. People who have bare land and even roads owned by the government need screw piles. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • To save your time and complete a construction project within a deadline then you can use screw pile foundations. You can simply use a truck excavator or mini excavator to install such screw piles on the ground and you do not need to buy any special equipment for your construction process. You do not need to use a crane, hammer, or a large, drilled shaft for installing a foundation on the ground. You can simply appoint an operator for your excavator and labor to supervise the project. 
  • Once you install such screw piles on the ground, they can be loaded immediately, and you do not need to spend more time concreting the ground. You do not need to remove the soil and excess water from your ground, and your foundations will be ready to bear the loads once they are installed. 
  • Avoid vibration on the ground and prevent noise pollution by installing screw pile foundations. You do not need to use driven piles, drilled shafts, and any other anchoring system on the ground, and there will be no disturbance on your project site. You can keep the site neat and clean. 
  • Use good quality screw pile foundations in crowded regions because you cannot use traditional drilled shafts rigs on the ground that can create a huge noise and vibration. Houses and buildings located in your surrounded places can get affected by the ground vibration and you can face some serious legal problems. To avoid such hassles, you can simply use such screw piles with helix anchors for your building foundation.  
  • Check the load-bearing capacity of such helical anchors during their installation. You can use a torque measuring device to measure the load-bearing capacity, and it will help you with an on-site load test. You can add more helical anchors if required and maximize the load-bearing capacity of your foundations. 

If you want to build a foundation on soft ground where the underground water level is high, you need to use such screw pile foundations only. Moreover, you must use a hydraulic torque drive for the installation. It will take less time and cost, and you can easily complete your construction project within a timeline. The work is best left to be done by the professional so that the purpose of fulfilled eventually.