So, you have considered offering Uber services to earn money? Well, good for you! It is a great way to make some extra income, and you can be your own boss. But before you start earning those rideshare dollars, you need to choose the best rideshare rental Uber solution for your needs.

Let this article serve as your guide!

Ways to Become an Uber Driver in Australia

Before anything else, you should first know how to get started in offering Uber rideshare services in Australia. Basically, you have two options.

1. Rent an Uber-ready car.

This option is best for drivers who do not have their own car or who do not want to use their personal car for ridesharing. Rideshare rental companies will provide you with an Uber-ready car that has all the necessary insurance and registration.

2. Sign up for an Uber account and use your own car.

This option is best for drivers who already have their own car and are comfortable using it for ridesharing. You will just need to sign up for an Uber account and get your car insurance and registration in order.

Steps to Register for an Uber Account

If you choose the second method, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the Uber website and create an account.
  • Enter your personal information and upload the required documents, such as your driver’s license, registration, and insurance.
  • Choose a payment method.
  • Add your vehicle information.
  • Take a photo of yourself to verify your identity.
  • Download the Uber app and log in using your new account.

Now, you are ready to start driving for Uber!

Different Types of Uber Rideshare Services

Now that you know how to become an Uber driver, it’s time to choose the best rideshare rental Uber solution for your needs! Here are your options.


This is Uber’s basic rideshare service. It is perfect for drivers who want to offer ridesharing services without all the bells and whistles.


This rideshare service is perfect for larger groups or those with bigger luggage needs. If you have a van or SUV, this is the Uber rideshare service for you.


This offers a more premium experience for riders. If you have a luxury car, then this service will suit you best.

Uber Comfort

This service offers riders a more comfortable experience. Ideally, you should have a larger car for this option.

Uber Pool

This offers riders the ability to share their ride with other riders going in the same direction. This is a great way for passengers to save on fares.

Uber Black

This rideshare service offers the ultimate premium experience for riders, which requires you to have a luxury SUV or sedan.

Other Types of Uber Services That You Can Consider

Aside from rideshare solutions, there are other services by Uber that you can offer to make consumers’ lives a lot easier.


  • Uber Eats – Uber Eats car rental is basically a food delivery service by the company. You can deliver food from restaurants to consumers’ homes or workplaces.
  • Uber Freight – This is a trucking service by Uber that helps connect truckers with shippers.
  • Uber Connect – This is a package delivery service by Uber. You can deliver packages from businesses to consumers’ homes or workplaces.

Choosing the Best Uber Solution for Your Needs

Given all the Uber services, how will you choose which one fits your needs best? Here are important considerations that you should make.


The first thing to consider is where you live and where you plan to offer your Uber ridesharing services. If you live in a big city, like Melbourne, then you will have more options when it comes to car rental for Uber Melbourne companies offer. But if you live in a small town, your options may be limited.

Your Car

The next thing to consider is what kind of vehicle you have. If you have a smaller car, then UberX would be the best rideshare service for you to offer. But if you have a bigger car or SUV, then you can offer UberXL or UberSELECT rideshare services.

Your Schedule

If you only have time to drive on weekends, then there’s no point in signing up for a service like Uber Freight that requires full-time availability.


Some rideshare services, like Uber Black, require you to have a luxury car. If you can’t afford it, then it’s not the best solution for you.

Nonetheless, there are a variety of rideshare options that you can choose from, so you will always find one that fits your needs. Just make sure to do your research and do some comparisons before you make a decision.

Type of Passengers

Finally, you should also consider who your passengers will be. If you’re mostly going to be transporting large groups, then UberXL would be the best rideshare service for you. But if you’re mostly going to be transporting solo riders, then UberX or UberSELECT would be better options.

How to Search for Uber Rideshare Services to Take

You can find a car rental for Uber Brisbane, Melbourne, or any other Australian city has to offer by searching online or through the company’s app.

When you search for rideshare services on the Uber app, you’ll be able to see a list of all the available options in your area. You can then filter the results based on your preferences, such as price, car type, or estimated arrival time.

If you’re not sure which rideshare service to choose, you can always read reviews from other riders to acquire some useful insights.

Key Takeaway

Without a doubt, offering rideshare rental Uber services is a good way to earn money. But before you sign up to be a driver, it’s important to choose the best rideshare solution for your needs.

Consider your location, car type, schedule, budget, and passengers when making your decision. Also, don’t forget to read reviews from other riders to get an idea of what each rideshare service is like. And, most importantly, only deal with a company that other Uber drivers in Australia trust!

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