If you’re one of the millions looking forward to Christmas and the holiday lights, you’re in for a ride this year! I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! So why are we talking about Christmas? It’s not too early to begin making holiday plans and gift shopping for friends and family.

Get Into the Christmas Spirit!

After all, stores are already bringing out cute stockings, lights, wrapping paper, snowmen, wreaths, and Santas. Radio stations are also gearing up to play your favorite holiday tunes. But, among the chaos of getting everyone the perfect gift, we forget that Christmas is also a time for family.

This year I challenge your family to embark on a new adventure. Take a horse wagon ride and immerse yourself in a true winter wonderland!

Horse-Riding Guides Near Park City

Located just nine miles outside of Park City, you will find Jordanelle State Park. Jordanelle offers many recreational possibilities even in the bitter cold. Beginning on November 25th, Jordanelle becomes the most beautiful Christmas destination for the perfect horse-riding guide.

  • The Holiday Light Show Experience

Take a second and close your eyes. No peeking! Imagine the white fluffy snow on the ground, the glowing moonlight in the sky, the trees covered in colorful holiday lights, the smells of pinecones and cinnamon, and cold air blowing on your cheeks as you hold your partner’s hand. Now open your eyes. Any Park City resident will tell you this is truly an incredible sight!

Take a trip to Park City and enjoy an award-winning horse-riding guide this Christmas!

Things To Do In Park City, Utah

Park City is a charming little town known for its ski resorts and the Sundance Film Festival. In 2008, Forbes Traveler Magazine named Park City, Utah, as one of the “20 prettiest towns” in the United States. Even though Park City’s snow season is short, that should not stop you from taking a horse-riding guide this winter with your family.

1. Explore Main Street

Park City has many adorable cabins, resorts, and hotels for you to stay in. Nestled in the heart of Park City, the main street has tons to offer! According to Park City officials, you will find “200 businesses, including 100 independent boutiques, 40 restaurants, and spas.” Whether you live in Park City or are visiting the area, don’t forget to experience a horse-riding guide!

2. A Horse-Riding Guide Experience

No horseback riding experience is complete without a horse-riding guide at least once in your lifetime! They are relaxing and an excellent way to bond with family. So while you stroll through a magical display of lights outside Park City, trusted wranglers know how to handle the trusty steeds.

You do not have to worry about a thing as experienced and courteous guides take you on a breathless adventure. Utah has the best of the west for providing the finest horse-riding guides. Your family can unwind next to Santa, Rudolf, and the elves and capture the picture-perfect moment.

Have no fear, as Jack Frost is not near! After your amazing horse-riding guide, you will still have ten fingers and ten toes!

  • Percheron Draft Horses

At Jordanelle, a crew of Percheron draft horses leads the way amid a horse-riding guide through a magical show of lights. Percheron draft horses originate from western France and are well-known for their strength and savviness. They aren’t just good-looking, but they are strong working horses.

  • History of Percheron Horses

In the 17th century, they were originally bred to carry soldiers during wars. They later began pulling wagons and hauling heavy goods and machinery. Today, during the winter, you can find Percheron horses outside of Park City pulling wagons at Jordanelle State Park.

You can count on them as you sip hot chocolate with floating tiny marshmallows and stroll through the holiday lights near Park City.

Horse-Riding Guide Safety

If safety stops you from enjoying a horse-riding guide this Christmas, don’t stress out just yet. First, wagons are inspected from top to bottom for safe operation. Then, before anyone is allowed on the wagon, a seasoned professional ensures that the wagon hitch is properly secured and safety chains are in place.

  • Ride with Confidence

As previously mentioned, horse-riding guides near Park City are led by a team of well-trained Percheron horses. In addition, riders can easily get on and off the wagon with well-built stairs. Next time you’re in Park City, take a comfy seat during a horse-riding guide through a vibrant display of lights. Don’t worry about going overboard, as handrails are in place!

What Are You Waiting For?

Now it’s time to have fun! Like I said in the beginning, I challenge you to embark on a new adventure. First, you must stay in Utah’s most charming ski towns and explore what the area offers. Then, if you haven’t done so yet, take a horse wagon ride and immerse yourself in a true winter wonderland!

Take a Horse-Riding Guide this Christmas!

One of the best holiday sleigh rides through a dazzling display of lights is with Rocky Mountain Outfitters! Enjoy delicious goodies like s’mores and cider alongside Percheron draft horses!

With that being said, what are you waiting for? Hop on a plane or take a road trip to Jordanelle and book a Christmas guide with Rocky Mountain Outfitters!