ECAT registrations

ECAT is the Common Entry Test to take admission into B.Sc. Engineering Technology Programs and B.Sc. Engineering in Punjab. Previously, the test dates were 24th May 2021 to 27th May 2021. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the test dates have been postponed from 05th July 2021 to 8th July 2021. So, please hurry up and register for it before it is too late.  

Important Deadlines for ECAT  registrations

Last Date of Registration: 27th June 2021 

Orientation: 2nd and 3rd July 2021 

Test dates: 05th to 8th July 2021 

Steps involved in ECAT Registrations 2021 

  1. Test tokens are required through which the challans are to be paid.  

Acquiring tokens manually   

  • The tokens are available in scratch cards in the designated branches of HBL for Rs 1300.  
  • Each token contains a Serial No./Token No. through which only a single student can register.  

Acquiring tokens online  

The token number can be generated online by login into the UET admission portal and entering personal information. After this, the challan can be paid online through the HBL Konnect Application or Online banking too. 

  • HBL Konnect  
  1. On the mobile application, go to Lifestyle> Education> School Fee. 
  1. Choose UET Lahore from the list of Institutions and enter the challan number. 
  1. Make sure to verify your name before making the payment.  
  • HBL Online Banking 
  1. Log in on the mobile app on your mobile. Select More> Education.  
  1. Choose UET Lahore from the list of Institutions and enter the challan number. 
  1. Make sure to verify your name before making the payment.  
  1. After the payment of the challan, go to UET Admission Portal to get the Admit Card. Click on the “get admin card”. Over here, you will have to enter the Serial No. and token/ paid challan number to log in, so make sure you keep your paid challan safe. Enter your personal information and upload your picture as required. After this, you will get an option to choose your Test Centre and then print the Admin Card.  
  1. Re-printing of Admin Card is allowed till one day before the entry test.  

Support for Admin Cards Printing for ECAT  registrations

The support is available to get the Admin Card printed. The following universities can be visited from 10.00 am till 3.00 pm till the last day of registrations to print the Admin Card;  

  1. UET Lahore Campus  
  1. UET Taxila  
  1. Engineering College, Bahuddin Zakkariya University, Multan  
  1. NFC Institue of Engineering and Technology, Multan  
  1. Engineering College, Islamia University, Bahawalpur 
  1. University of Gujrat, Gujrat  
  1. Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi (for ladies only) 

Since the ECAT Registrations 2021 involves many steps, register at the earliest to promptly follow these steps.  

FAQs Regarding ECAT Registrations 2021  

For how long will the tokens be available to purchase for ECAT?  

The tokens will be available for one day only on Saturday, 26th July 2021. As they are only available for one day, make sure to get your Token to avoid long lines at the start of the day. Once you have reached the ECAT test date 2021, start with the preparation right away.  

What should the students living abroad with travel restrictions do by the ECAT test date 2021? 

The students who cannot travel because of the travel restrictions imposed during the ongoing pandemic can still appear for ECAT online. You shall follow the points below;  

  1. You will have to register for the Entry Test through the admission portal.  
  1. After that, choose a random test center since you would not be able to appear physically.  
  1. Send the scanned documentary evidence(s) to prove that you are residing outside and cannot travel back at offical email address of the UET entry testAdd the subject of the email as “Overseas Candidate- Entry Test Roll Number (write your ET roll number)”.  

 For how long the ECAT test stores remain valid?  

ECAT test scores are valid just for the session in which you appear. After the ECAT, you can apply for admission to the universities during that session only. For next year, you will have to appear in ECAT again.  

How can I check the test centers for the ECAT? 

The list of test centers is available on the website of UET. Also, when choosing the test centers, there will be a list of the available centers from which you can select the one that suits you the most.  

Few Tips for the Preparation of ECAT 

  • Understand the test pattern thoroughly and understand what you will be tested upon.  
  • Make sure to go through the syllabus properly and practice for all the subjects. Leaving out on one topic and focusing on others is not a good strategy.  
  • Make a proper plan for the remaining days and follow it. Figure out your weak areas and focus on them more.  
  • Use resources like ECAT Smart Brain. This comprehensive guidebook for ECAT preparation contains highly focused questions, review exercises with explanations and brain-buster questions with each practice for better preparation.  
  • Practice past papers for a better grip on the topics. 
  • During the test and even before that, do not panic. Stay focused and aim to utilize the time you have in the best possible way.