Withdrawal Symptoms

Cocaine is produced from coca leaves that function as a basic stimulant for native South Americans who still chew and ingest the coca leaves to this day. Cocaine was formulated about a century ago from coca leaves and had even functioned as an anesthetic. Over time, it came to be misused and abused as a highly sought after illicit drug and today it is one of the main causes of drug addiction across the United States including Florida.

Cocaine has been designated as a Schedule II drug with very high scope of abuse and is said to have withdrawal symptoms that take a heavy toll on the addict’s body. However, that is no reason to avoid trying to quit the addiction. If you are wondering “Are there detox places near me?” just ask around or search online. 

The harmful impact of cocaine on the brain 

Intake of cocaine results in a very high amount of activity in the brain and gives you the delusion of euphoria. It doesn’t matter whether you take it occasionally or regularly but after the euphoria wears out, you will feel an irresistible craving for more of it. The only way to come out of that situation is to go to a drug rehab in Florida.  

Another major problem with cocaine addiction is that it has withdrawal symptoms that you cannot handle on your own. It is not just the brain and mind that gets so badly affected by the cocaine but also your body. There are rehabs in Florida where you will have to get detoxicated over a few months or longer. 

How to manage cocaine withdrawal symptoms 

The effect of cocaine on the brain and the body’s central nervous system is tremendous. If you want to just quit using cocaine after being addicted to it for a certain length of time, you are up for a very challenging duel. It is not a battle you can fight alone and hence you need to find a center for drug detox in Florida. 

Every time you stop using it even in a 24 hour cycle, the craving for more would appear to be compounding by the minute. This time gap is known to cause a ‘crash’ which results in an uncontrollable craving for more of it. Such crashes have been the cause of scores of relapses during detoxification. In this situation, when you try to stop using it altogether, you are going to need expert help which can only be found in a Florida drug rehab center.  

Finding cocaine detoxification centers in Florida 

An online search would bring up several cocaine detox centers in Florida but to find the right one, you need to contact a few. Also, read up reviews of these centers to know what clients have to say about their services. Getting out of cocaine addiction is tough even in an inpatient detox program. 

Hence, you need to choose the detox center carefully and have family or friends accompany you during discussions. The center should have enough experience of successfully managing the cocaine withdrawal symptoms of patients and ensuring a minimum amount of difficulty to them. Ask as many questions as you have in your mind about their program and the services they offer. 

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