You recently graduated from high school, so I guess you’re looking forward to college now. You must be as giddy as a clam right now. The eternal freedom, the absence of mountains of schoolwork, the enjoyable parties, and let’s not forget the amazing roommate who will turn out to be your crime-fighting companion. Yes, there are a lot of things to anticipate. You’ve probably watched enough movies and TV shows to believe that your four years in college would be the finest of your life, but you shouldn’t set your expectations too high, especially with homework help. Without a doubt, your time at college will be memorable, but it’s better to be ready in case you experience the most terrible letdown possible.

Let us dig in!

First Day Of Class

Expectation  — You are going to study topics that are completely unrelated to those you studied in high school. Your professors will be really cool, intelligent, and other things. You make a commitment to yourself to pay great attention to what the teacher says and to be highly attentive. Make a lot of notes, and whenever you get home, read them all. It’s going to be so fantastic!

Reality — What on earth is the lecturer talking about? You’re having trouble keeping up because there is simply too much information for you to process. Additionally, it will be more difficult if you have a tendency to become quickly sidetracked and lose yourself in your thoughts. How are you supposed to keep up with the teacher when he simply continues talking nonstop? Even so, does he have a heart? Then there is the 200-page reading assignment due the following week. You’re worn out at the end of the day and want to just go home. But you can still make today memorable and productive.

Meeting New People

Expectation  —  You may almost meet a new person every day in college. It won’t be like high school when individuals form their own cliques and you must share their interests in order to communicate with them. Instead, you’ll meet people from various backgrounds. Everyone is approachable, kind, and always willing to provide a helping hand, especially to newcomers, and offer generous homework help too.

Reality  —  Well, during the first few days of college, some students are fairly quiet or anxious, and they all want to get through the day without incident. You need to give it time since they might not be willing to talk to you right away. Sorry, but high school is hardly the only setting in which cliques occur.


That is if you decide to opt for a dorm or live on campus.

Expectation  —  Everyone fantasizes about having the perfect roommate—someone who will join us in our crimes and accompany us on our college antics. Even if your interests are unrelated, you should still respect each other’s privacy or even get homework help together. With this individual, you may open up about everything to the point that he or she begins to treat you like a sibling.

Reality  —  Not everyone, though, is so fortunate. You learn how to deal with people and their occasionally disgusting actions in college. Will eventually run into a “roommate problem.” It can’t be avoided at all. You won’t always get along with your roommate; he or she may have a different sleep routine that clashes with yours, a completely different attitude toward personal cleanliness, or may just be unpleasant. We experience stuff like this while in college. You’ll simply have to put up with it. or look for a different roommate. or reside somewhere.


Expectation  — We’re in college and have become grownups. They certainly wouldn’t think to assign us homework. In addition, high school students shouldn’t have homework. I’ll have countless hours to myself as a college student, which I may utilize for personal growth or to hang out with friends. And I won’t need to purchase those exorbitantly priced textbooks!

Reality — You can’t recall the last time you got a good night’s sleep, yet it’s 1 AM and you’re at the library trying to study a 200-page textbook for a class that is due in a couple of hours. Free time for personal growth is a delusion, to put it simply. Take this duty seriously and focus on developing your own systems for staying on top of your schoolwork and getting adequate homework help. And sure, you do need a lot of textbooks to get through your college years, but savvy students know that SolutionInn is a great place to find free college textbooks delivered to your doorstep.

Don’t expect your college experience to be laid out all smooth and nice for you the first day you step foot on campus. It can be really tough, but your chances of gaining an unforgettable experience lie in your ability to make the most of your time in college. Get involved in clubs and organizations, strike up conversations with new people, and create a balance between your academics and your social life. Before you know it you’d have gotten used to college life. College is what you make of it, so have fun while it lasts!