Warehouse Equipments

When t comes to the list of buying industrial equipment the list may be huge. Of course, there are so many types of items to but for that one may get confused.

If you want a one-stop solution for shopping on all your industrial equipment and devices from one spot online then choose equip2go.com.au. It is a credible website that offers you a wide range of industrial goods and equipment. There are numerous variants in terms of shapes and designs to find out what fits in best for your industry.

Here we will give you an idea of the most common equipment that is used across the industry. Below given is a list of industrial equipment that simply put you just cannot do without.

Let’s begin…


Trolleys are the first item on our list of equipment that you cannot do with irrespective of what type of industry you own. Yes, from the warehouses to the airports, and from mechanical workshops to large commercial grocery stores these are the3 industrial equipment that is fit for transporting load items and weights.

You have multiple types of trolleys such as platform trolleys, order picking trolleys, hand trucks, multitier trolleys, office trolleys, dollies, and load skates they all belong to groups of trolleys.

In case you are looking to buy one or more trolleys for your industry you can check out equip2go.com.au website.


When it comes to reaching heights that are beyond your reach there is only one piece of industrial equipment that can help you achieve this simple task. And that’s the commercial ladders.

Again just like trolleys you cannot name an industry where you don’t find the example of ladders in one form or the another.

There are different types of ladders, as usual, such as platform ladders, step ladders, order picking ladders, extension ladders, fiberglass ladders, safety steps, and many other forms of ladders. If you are wondering where to buy industrial ladders online then your one-stop solution is the equip2go.com.au website.

Plastic tubs, bins, crates, and containers

Equipment like plastic tubs, bins, ventilated crates, bins, nesting crates, plastic buckets, plastic tanks, and containers are all used in different forms of industries.

Remember that these are industrial-grade plastic and not the ones that you use at home. The plastic bins and containers are fit for storing all kinds of items whether they are solid waste items or liquid items. One most common example of industrial use of such plastic items would be the food processing industry. The paints and chemical industry also comes into the list. Your all solution stop for buying all sorts of plastic equipment online is the equip2go.com.au website.

Hazardous goods storage

Some industries use different types of hazardous goods and items in the manufacturing stage and these need special containment zones for storing. If you are in some form of hazardous goods using industry then you have to comply with the norms of your industry and ensure a separate place for storing them which is fool proof and ideal for storing such items.

Any flammable, corrosive, or fuming, radio-positive items would come under this list. And in industries, some of the common hazardous goods storing items include flammable liquid storing cabinets, spill kits, drum bunds, aerosol storage cabinets, corrosive goods storing cabinets, and so on.

Check out on equip2go.com.au to find different types of hazardous goods storing cabinets.

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