Makeup is a vital part of one’s daily routine, especially for women, and like skincare, people tend to make some errors with it. While most people have a particular routine they follow, not all may be correct. So here is a list of makeup mistakes you might be making, and how you can correct them. 

Skipping the prepping phase

The importance of prepping the skin before applying makeup cannot be overstated. I mean, who builds a house without first preparing the site? Prepping keeps the face clean and moisturized, and also helps to hold your makeup longer by creating a barrier between the skin and the makeup. So it is important to incorporate this into your makeup routine. 

It’s a lot worse to skip this process if you have dry skin. Avoid applying makeup directly to your skin without this step, as it can cause flakiness in your makeup. You don’t have to do too much, just something to act as a fine base for your makeup. If you are trying to avoid having too much product on your face, then you can just use a moisturizer that will double as a face primer. You may find that skipping this step causes your makeup to melt into your skin which will require you to touch up more often throughout the day. 

Covering dark spots with light concealers 

This mistake happens to be very common, as most people tend to believe that using a lighter shade of foundation will cover dark spots, while actually, that is not what it is. Applying a lighter shade of foundation will likely make it difficult to have an even color when you eventually apply foundation on your whole face, by creating a lighter spot over the dark mark. It is important to note that, whatever you apply before the foundation can have an obvious effect on the final look, so you want to be careful here. 

Instead of using a lighter color on the dark spot, it is preferable to use your regular shade of foundation, but with heavier coverage. This way, you don’t get to apply too much later on, in a bid to cover up the light spot, which will consequently cause you to use too much foundation. It will also help to maintain an even and natural look. 

Using a dry beauty sponge 

If you prefer using the beauty sponge over the foundation brush, then it’s best that you do it the right way. Before using the beauty blender be sure to wet it. When the sponge is damp it allows your makeup to sit in perfectly, giving you a smooth and natural look. If you are having trouble creating an even foundation base, then this is a process you should never miss. To do this, simply drench the blender in water and squeeze out the excess, then place it in a towel and squeeze it one more time. Be sure that the blender isn’t dripping water, but is wet enough to give a smooth base 

Overdrawing the lip liner

Yes, we know, everyone wants the pouty lip, but a lot of people are doing it the wrong way. To achieve this look you need to be careful not to overdraw the lip liner as it will eventually make the lips look weird and wide, and you don’t want that. When applying the lip liner, be sure to only draw on the Cupid’s bow and underneath the middle of the bottom lip. 

Now, while many may want to go a little outward, ensure you follow your natural lip line toward the edges, overdoing this will make the lipstick look smeared. For a more defined look, you can go in with a touch of concealer on the edges of the lips; this gives them a beautiful pouty center.

Blush, Brow, and lashes errors

We love blush, and we know you do. But to add that youthful and rosy touch to your makeup, you have to do a little more than just apply the blush, you need to do it rightly. Avoid applying the blush, too high or too low on your check. Simply smile and apply the product to the apples of your cheeks, then blend it back along your cheekbones. 

Do not apply too much as it tends to be too conspicuous. The aim is to get it to blend with the rest of your makeup. Also, avoid shading your brows too dark, especially if you have darker hairs in this area. Just like the blush, it also makes your makeup look excessive and the brows won’t look natural.

When fixing eyelash extensions, be sure to measure it out with the length of your lids before applying it. This goes for both natural eyelashes extension and the synthetic ones. 

Concealer and foundation mistakes 

Concealers are a major part of makeup, so it takes caution for anyone not to overuse them, but the thing is, you shouldn’t. While using concealer to cover up blemishes, avoid using it on your entire face. Only do so on the parts that need concealing. Simply apply the concealer on the dark spots, one at a time. Apply only thin layers, except for areas that may require heavier coverage. If you find a lightweight concealer, then it is preferable for this purpose. 

Also, when applying concealer on your under-eye, avoid going in with too much product as well. Taking the concealer too high under the eyes will cause it to cake and crease in all the fine lines. Rather use thin layers for this, and only pat the concealer in, do not swipe it. 

Likewise, you want to avoid using the wrong foundation. Using a shade that is way lighter or darker will make your face look different from the rest of your body. Also, your makeup won’t look natural, which is the aim here. 

However, you can have two close shades, just in case, your complexion fluctuates at some point. To avoid getting the wrong foundation shade, make sure to test it on your face, probably somewhere less conspicuous, like the jaw bone. This gives a more accurate result than when it is tested on the arm. For better results, test it in natural daylight.

And that’s our list of common makeup mistakes to avoid. Be sure to keep them in mind when next you’re on your makeup session.