When buying a photocopier, it is advisable to choose equipment from a leading, reputable manufacturer and be sure to choose a reputable supplier in terms of servicing and maintenance. Copysonic offers unbeatable photocopier services in Melbourne. Users should also contact the Product Safety Data Sheets (PSDS) for the photocopier on rent they purchase that provide full details of the relevant hazards, meeting guidelines, and emission levels.

As a rule, photocopiers should be placed in well-ventilated areas where exhaust workers do not pass over and when placed together with other equipment, an environmental assessment may be necessary to ensure that emissions do not exceed safe levels. Most modern people have air filters and air flow systems that can significantly reduce ozone emissions below OEL.

Some photocopiers now also have a ‘direct charge’, which charges the photocopier drum directly and avoids high voltage air exchange creating ozone. It is not always possible to use ‘direct charge’ technology on photocopiers with high output speeds, so manufacturers will provide equipment with high-grade ‘catalytic’ filters instead of the more standard charcoal filters commonly used.


Toner can be removed from the photocopier hire event and where equipment is poorly maintained, it can be backed up from the trash can and more will be removed from the photocopier. Most toners used in photocopiers today contain some hazardous substances. For example, all the substances used in Canon Photocopier Toner have been negatively confirmed in the AIIMS test, which is a screening test for carcinogenicity. But toners often contain 7% carbon black, known as nuisance dust that can irritate the skin and airways. If less oxygen is heated in the atmosphere

There is nothing more frustrating than a photocopy machine that is not working. Your boss needs a photocopy tomorrow and the photocopy machine is not working properly. If it’s not paper jam, it’s printing solid grey blocks or worse, it’s printing blank pages. An error message appears which is meaningless and the photocopier manual required to translate these photocopier error messages is nowhere to be found.

Did you see a message at the end of the film that no photocopiers were harmed in the making of this production? “I didn’t either.Most photocopier problems are caused by human error, so we really blame ourselves for the photocopier being wrong and not working properly.

Common photocopier problems include:

It has been reported that 23% of photocopiers break because employees sitting on them photocopy their bottoms. So, you can drastically reduce the cost of repairing your photocopier by not allowing employees to sit in the copier machine. Employees are doing this and the glass of photocopy has fallen and suffering the painful result, not to mention the painful disciplined meeting with the boss though some great YouTube videos. Even if you are the boss, only you are to blame. You should be ashamed!

Other man-made photocopier problems that cause:

  • Forgot to install photocopier.
  • Forgot to turn on photocopier.
  • Leaving drinks on the photocopier.
  • Food is stuck on photocopiers, pieces, etc.
  • Wrong size paper. Read error message: too thick, too thin, too short, too wide etc.
  • Photocopier kicking, kicking, kicking.
  • Wrong toner, empty toner, clogged toner, defective toner.
  • Paper jam.
  • Press the button repeatedly.
  • Forgot to put the original copy inside the machine.
  • Put the paper so that it faces the wrong side and so on.
  • Remove copies before you finish printing.
  • Use of bad reproduced toner etc.
  • Photocopier not plugged in.

The hamster (previously mentioned) ate through the power cable.Regular Photocopier servicing and repairs modifications ensures that internal dust levels do not increase electrostatic activity and result in excess ozone emissions. Again, good ventilation and a high-quality filter limit this.

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