This guide will show you how to build a PC that works. It is important to understand the components required to build a gaming computer. However, there may be some compromises. We will help you build the best PC possible, in both gaming and production.

This guide contains a comprehensive list of components. It was compiled after extensive research. This will help you to relax knowing that the components selected are chosen to meet your budget and work together to achieve the best possible results. It might be difficult to sell the right product given the current economic climate and skyrocketing prices. We have determined this price based on the current market price of each component. Prices may change. Although a budget of $1000 might have been sufficient to purchase a powerful beast, the rising prices and next-gen requirements mean that this will not be enough.

It allows us to describe, to the best extent possible, the attributes and components of Cc gadget for a complete build of a PC.


  1. Processor
  2. Motherboard
  3. RAM
  4. Hard drive
  5. SSD
  6. Power Supply
  7. Chassis
  8. Graphics card
  9. Processor

The processor, which decodes and encodes information quickly, is the most important component of a computer. This speed is measured by megahertz (MHz). Performance is better if there are more core/thread counts and megahertz.


The budget am3 motherboard is the largest circuit in a computer and allows communication between all components. There are three sizes of motherboards: ATX, Mini-ITX, and M-ATX. The circuit lines that allow data to travel to the component they desire are a major part of a motherboard.


RAM, also known as random-access memory, is a primary storage device that stores information for the CPU to speed up processing. The RAM reads data from secondary storage devices such as a hard drive. It holds information that the CPU can understand. It is recommended that 16GB RAM be used to run the latest OS and the latest applications on a modern computer.

Hard Disk

The most popular medium for storing data is the hard disk. It is composed of a magnetic drive and a motor which rotates the disk. The sectors are then read using the headers within the hard disk. It is located inside the PC chassis, and has a delicate shock resistance.


Although an SSD (Solid State Drive), is a hard drive, it is faster and more durable than any SATA HDD/SSHD drive. An SSD is required for modern operating systems. It will provide faster response times and increased speed.

Power Supply

The power supply is the heart of a computer. It converts AC into DC and provides the required energy for each component. This is a small box-shaped device that houses a fan. It cools the circuitry and transformers inside. Check out Bravo Electro to further understand what’s the difference between ac and dc power.


The PC chassis is the visible house of the entire PC unit. There are three types: Basic, Mid Tower and Full Tower. After selecting a motherboard, each type can be decided. Modern PC chassis offer space for hard drives, SSD and basements that provide power supply coverage.

Graphics card

The graphics card is the same as the processor but can process 3D information that is heavier faster. While many processors have integrated graphics, a graphics card should be used if the computer is to run games or render work. Because of its extraordinary ability to perform complex calculations and handle multimedia efficiently, the Graphics Card is an extremely popular component.