cookie boxes

Cookies come in all shapes and sizes. From mini size to extra-large with some additional stuffing, their sizes change. For that, custom-made Cookie Boxes are used. They help in the perfect encasement of the products. Every kind of box is not perfect for all kinds of cookies. You must consider the style of the box and shape according to the demand of the product.

Here are some of the practical styles and shapes, that one can consider for the packaging purposes of these cookies:

1) Square Packaging With Windows:

With the cookie boxes wholesale, one can get bulk quantities of packages at cost-effective prices. These boxes allow modification. You can get them in desire shapes and sizes along with custom designs. The material used for their manufacturing is quite pliable. There are different styles in which you can package these cookies.

Cookie Boxes

Out of all the styles, a square box is one of the most common. Square packaging comes in all sizes. You can get them in mini, small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes as per the requirement. Besides that, you can also add custom windows on their surfaces. These windows are also customizable.

For example, if you choose these boxes for valentine’s occasion, then you can opt for heart-shaped windows. This will give a nice touch of valentines. Well, you have all the options of changing sizes and styles in these boxes. They provide a lot of benefits. The only con of these packages is that they are quite common at marketplaces. The square shape does not look distinctive so it fails to stand out.

2) Clear Tops of The Boxes:

On different occasions like Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. people use Cookie Gift Boxes. In these boxes, they package some fancy cookies, macrons, and give them as a gift to their friends. You can package such kinds of cookies in all kinds of boxes. But it will be unfair to pack them in packages that hide their features.

Cookie Boxes

The fancy cookies or macrons are delicate yet elegant in appearance. Hiding their beautiful outlooks is more than unjust. You can use sleeve packages with clear tops for that purpose. The clear tops will not only reveal the features of the edibles but also show their appearances.

They look beautiful and worthy to be used on occasions. But the clear tops are not as sturdy as the packaging boxes. You should always consider this aspect because they cannot withstand a high amount of pressure or stress. Besides this point, these are the best and suitable packaging solutions that one can get.

3) Attached Handles:

People love to buy products if their packaging provides some kind of ease. So, businesses must use packaging options that are comfortable and provide ease. For example, the attached handles give good support to the whole package.

Cookie Boxes

Because of handles, one does not have to use an extra polythene bag, just to carry a cookie box. Two kinds of boxes are available with attached handles. One of them is the gables boxes. These boxes come with interlocking systems and their handles and boxes are made out of the same materials.

On the other hand, there are handle boxes. Their handles are made out of different materials and they are attached separately to the packages. Both of these boxes shave different specialties. You should opt for them by considering their features thoroughly.

4) Dividers or Placeholders in Packages:

Christmas cookies are different than normal ones. They have special icing on their tops which not only looks attractive but, it also tastes yummy. Such icing is pretty delicate, so unless, these boxes are packed in special Christmas Cookie Boxes, they can stay protected.

Cookie Boxes

These special boxes must have dividers or placeholders which creates special compartmentalization to accommodate multiple cookies. This is important. One cannot risk packaging multiple cookies with such delicate icing, altogether.

That is where these partitions come in handy. They make sure that cookies do not hit each other. This reduces the risk of damage so your cookies stay secured. You can choose this kind of style for other kinds of cookies as well.

5) Hexagonal Packages For Stacking Cookies:

To package the plain chocolate chip cookie, one can use a long hexagonal package. In these boxes, you can stack the cookies onto each other. As these cookies do not have any kind of icing, so you do not compromise their appearance by stacking them.

Cookie Boxes

One limitation of such a style of package is that you cannot package the cookies with extra stuffing. Because this way, the cookie laying on the top will affect the stuffing of one lying beneath. These boxes fail to keep the product in its original condition.

Final Words:

You should consider all the options of Cookie Boxes in terms of shapes and styles. Not every style of box is perfect for every kind of biscuit or macron. By knowing the nature and the requirement of your cookie, you should demand the boxes accordingly. Considering the options thoroughly will help in choosing the right style. This will help in making the products stay secure and safe.