One of the things that get neglected in the building and remodeling of homes is the roofing materials to be used. While this may seem unimportant to many homeowners, it shouldn’t be to you. Being a savvy and modern homeowner who knows what you want, you should make no mistake with the roofing of your home.

While there are varieties of roofing materials to choose from, it is with certainty that I pose you with Copper as the best bet for your roofing materials.

Why this will be seen in the weighted pros and cons of copper roofing that is found in this piece.

Copper Roofing; The Pros 

Among the types of metal roofing materials we have, copper stands out to be the best and versatile option for homeowners who have the means and aesthetics appeal unmatched.

Well, this is not the only important so to speak. Below are other important of copper roofing.

Great Appearance

As said earlier, copper roofing adds a great aesthetics appeal to a building and thus improving the appearance of the same.

With its gold-like color, copper roofing is a beauty to behold and it will also have a green-colored patina after a significant long time.

Low Maintenance

While many homeowners with other types of roofing materials may be complaining of a significant amount spent on repairing or maintaining their roofing, you as a homeowner with copper roofing will not even be interested in their discussion as this is no league of yours.

Copper roofing requires little to no maintenance at all. There is a patina process, the condition of oxidation to protect the surfaces and layers of the materials exposed. This is characterized by a green-colored patina which acts as a proactive coating for copper.

This process and conditions make copper one of the long-lasting metal roofing materials ever found.

Suitability For Extreme Weather 

Virtually if not all roofing materials have a limit to the protection they offer and are most likely to get damaged in extreme weather conditions except copper.

Having copper roofing, you will most likely not need to worry about damages from weather conditions to your home. Copper has the temerity to withstand severe weather year after year.


Copper is by far the most permanent roofing material you can see. It can remain impeccable and long-lasting for centuries to come.

Fire Resistant

It is unheard of that copper roofing catch fire, even in the instant where the building is on fire, copper roofing will impede the spread of same.


Copper has a lightweight and significantly reduced the stress that may have been put on your building if you have used other roofing materials. Also, copper will afford you an opportunity for a variety of creative architectural designs.

Copper roofing has a minimal cost of installation as it has few requirements for supports.


Copper roofing ensures a green sustainable environment due to its components materials. This ensures that lesser damage is caused to our already fragile environment.

Recyclable copper is easy to process and has the same features a newly mined ones.

Energy Efficiency

Copper roofing as most metal materials doesn’t allow light to pass through instead they reflect light, this ensures their energy efficiency over time.

Largely, this will help you in the control your home needs for cooling and heating.

Copper Roofing; The Cons.


While installation cost may not pose a problem, the cost of production for copper is by far noteworthy. It is expensive than many roofing materials. And this may largely be a hindering factor for many homeowners on a budget.

Contraction and Expansion 

Copper roofing is likely to expand and contract during weather changes. When this happens, the fastener may become loose and require repair.


The only drawdown of copper roofing is the installation process, it requires some levels of expertise which is not commonly found. And if the installation is done wrongly, it may adverse results on your home.