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Healthcare practitioners understand that electronic medical records software can act as the silver bullets they need to improve their overall operational efficiency. But with a multitude of options available on the market, choosing the right software solution can feel like a daunting task. Here we will help you simplify this process by presenting a comparison between two top-rated solutions – CounSol software and eClinicalWorks EMR. These two are big names in the industry and almost all practicing physicians will at least have a passing acquaintance with them. Now let’s move forward and jump right into their comparison. 

CounSol software – An Overview:

CounSol software offers an all-in-one platform for electronic medical records, practice management, appointment scheduling, billing, and insurance claims. The software is designed to facilitate counselors and therapists with patient information management and daily administrative tasks. CounSol features allow users to conduct secure online chat and video sessions that enable providers to deliver high-quality telemedicine services. This cloud-based solution is known for its capabilities to improve patient engagement and overall practice productivity. User reviews for the solution suggest that it enables users to configure a client portal to view emails from other practices, schedule appointments, pay bills, and write in a patient journal. Not only this, but patients can also interact with their providers via online chat and video sessions. 

Top CounSol EHR Features:

  1. Scheduling Tool

The software offers a powerful appointment scheduling tool that allows users to use their private admin calendar to keep a track of their daily appointments. Patients can book their slots based on your availability and the length of sessions you offer. You can also decide how you want to display your calendar- hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. 

  1. Billing and Invoicing comes with a robust practice management solution that makes billing and invoicing a breeze. It includes a third-party payment processor to streamline credit card processing. This allows patients to easily pay their invoices online via patient portal without having to pay over the phone. 

  1. Website Customization

This medical software solution also supports website customization. It allows its users to tailor their client website as per their preferences. They can choose from a variety of tools to customize fonts, colors, images, and text. 

  1. Automated Appointment Reminders

This therapy clinic software allows you to send automated appointment reminders to your patients. Your patients can easily cancel or reschedule their visits if they can no longer manage to appear on that day or time. This makes it easier for you to reduce no-shows and streamline your patient scheduling process. 

Pricing and Reviews:

CounSol software doesn’t give a ballpark estimate of its pricing. You will have to contact the vendor to obtain their pricing information. However, many users claim that the EMR product is reasonably priced. The internet evaluations for this electronic medical records software are mostly positive. It has received perfect-starred ratings from users. 

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eClinicalWorks EMR – An overview:

Founded in 1999, eClinicalWorks EMR offers feature-packed, cloud-based electronic health records solutions that aim to help healthcare providers reduce paperwork and make communication easy. The software was developed with the goal of digitizing patient health information and improving workflow efficiency. This EMR product comes with a comprehensive suite of features to reduce errors, control costs, and improve the quality of care. In addition, eClinicalWorks features enable behavioral health facilities and several other medical specialties to provide high-quality telemedicine services. Practices of all sizes can use this application to evaluate current prescriptions, patient histories, allergies, previous visits, and diagnostic tests, as well as verify patient insurance eligibility. 

Top eClinicalWorks features:

  1. Scheduling

The scheduling feature of this software gives users options to search appointments, add new patients, manage scheduling requests, and look up existing patients. It also enables the practice staff to handle the scheduling of resources and specialty equipment. 

  1. Patient Portal 

Another highly appreciated aspect of eClinicalWorks software is its powerful patient portal feature. It allows patients to play a more active role in their care process. They can schedule their own appointments and pay bills online, taking a lot of burden off your front-desk staff. You can also schedule an eClinicalWorks demo if you want to try out this feature in real-time. 

  1. Electronic Prescriptions 

This electronic medical records software features a secure electronic prescribing tool that makes it easier for providers to electronically transfer prescriptions to a patient’s preferred pharmacy. It ensures patient safety and automatically sends medication information to pharmacies.

  1. Revenue Cycle Management

The eClinicalWorks EMR software offers a variety of useful billing tools, including credentials, insurance verification, and analytics. Its analytics reports give practices valuable insights into their financial performance to reach a bigger target. Furthermore, you can keep track of all your inflows and outflows.

Reviews and Pricing:

The pricing plan for eClinicalWorks software starts at $449.00 per user per month. You can book an eClinicalWorks demo if you want to get tangible proof of the software’s functionality. In this piece, we will also tell you what users have to say about the software. Most users suggest that the app is an excellent choice for practices of all sizes. It has earned ratings of four stars and above, which is a big deal.

CounSol software vs eClinicalWorks EMR: Which One’s Better?

CounSol and eClinicalWorks EMR both offer comprehensive electronic health recording solutions to help providers stay on top of patient needs and streamline day-to-day tasks. It is important to note that both these software systems serve audience segments of different types. You should consider the size and unique requirements of your practice in order to make a wise decision between the two systems.

Wrapping up

After all the discussion done above, we can say that there is no conclusive winner in the CounSol software vs eClinicalWorks EMR question. Both are top-tier electronic medical records software solutions with comprehensive suites of features that can automate your daily practice workflows. The right option for you depends on your workflow patterns and practice requirements. We recommend that you schedule demos for both these EMR products to make a wise decision.

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