Creative paper gift bags- Best gift wrapping solution

Everyone loves to receive gifts, especially gifts – surprises. You can’t just present an expensive thing, and a simple present will make a splash if it is properly packaged. Paper gift bags are a great way to create a feeling of exclusivity, to show your respect, to present beautifully and surprise, even with a small thing.

There are many reasons for using paper gift bags:

  • individual beautiful packaging;
  • ease of carrying – the dense material will perfectly hide the gift, and all kinds of handles will allow you to carry even bulky and heavy objects;
  • durability – all paper gift bags are strong enough, will not tear at the first touch and will allow you to keep a gift in a beautiful package;
  • beauty and uniqueness – non-standard packaging solutions will appeal to even serious and strict people;
  • stylish solution – fashion trends come in handy, suitable for a decent frame.

The Art of Making a Paper Gift Bag 

What is the main consideration for a shopper when choosing paper gift bags with handles? Beauty, right size and price. These are the three main factors that kraft bag manufacturers also take into account. Creating a quality product – paper gift bags today – is a whole art. The process includes:

Selecting the appropriate material.

Manufacturers are very serious about the choice of raw materials for the manufacture of products. High-quality, tested materials must meet the basic requirements – environmental friendliness, density, low price. To create white bags, a bleaching mechanism is additionally used, which increases the cost of the bag, but allows you to get a standard familiar bag for the subsequent application of patterns, logos, markings or inscriptions. The original light brown color of the raw material is very popular and also allows you to apply all kinds of inscriptions and drawings, but in a limited range of colors. Natural craft – the bag is denser and can withstand a load of up to 15 kg.

Design development. 

Whether a product will be in demand or not depends primarily on its appearance. But the tastes of people are different and the reasons for using gift bags are also different – for birthdays, weddings, presentations, holidays, and just from the heart. Designers try to combine the versatile desires and preferences of customers and bring them to life as much as possible, or rather into a package. Constantly researching the market, experts develop new models and designs, each time surprising and delighting with an original solution. Special design projects involve the use of fabric, organza, burlap, rhinestones, beads, ribbons and other materials when creating a bag model.


Modern equipment, specialized software makes it possible to accurately design the finished product and calculate costs, minimize costs and optimize the production process. This helps to reduce the price of each finished unit of the manufactured product.

Manufacturing according to a template.

After all preliminary design and construction work, a test batch of craft packages is created and testing is carried out. This is necessary in order for the products to meet the standards, withstand the expected loads, be well glued and keep their shape. When checking a test batch, all the identified nuances are taken into account for the correct adjustment of the equipment and launch into a series. It is the template making of kraft bags that allows you to reduce the cost and get a universal product.