Picture this; you have been called for a face-to-face interview today. You have all your papers and documents neatly arranged in a file. Getting ready with the best of your formal outfits and shoes, you give yourself a last glance in the mirror. You are ready to leave, but something stops you from doing so. What is it?

With your reflection staring back at you, you had never noticed your teeth being so yellow before? Or maybe they have always been like this all this while, and it is you who hadn’t noticed them until now. You leave for your interview with no choice left but to take a mental note to fix your stained yellow teeth. In such situations, one of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of your yellow pearls is using Crest Teeth Whitening Strips.

What is the cause of yellow teeth?

Although no one is born with perfectly white teeth, you were not born with those yellow stains. There are numerous reasons why you have yellow teeth. Apart from your genetics, your lifestyle has a huge role in keeping your dental health in check. If you do not properly clean your teeth after every meal or finish brushing your teeth in 10 seconds, the left out plaque build-up can contribute to yellow teeth, along with many other teeth-related issues. Other reasons can be tobacco or alcohol consumption. Too much sugar in your diet or drinking a lot of tea, coffee, or red wine are practices that lead to the yellowness of teeth.

Things to look for in Teeth Whitening Treatments                    

The cosmetic offers many options when it comes to teeth whitening measures. It can lead to misjudged purchases. So, before buying any such treatment kit, you need to check for the below-mentioned ingredients to be safe.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

This is another ingredient that aids in the quest of achieving whiter pearls. Large amounts of it can be harmful. Although, Crest Teeth Whitening Stripshave a minute quantity added to them.

  • Glycerin

This is an overrated ingredient, but one of the most important ones. It not only increases the shelf life of the product but speeds up the whitening process without harming the enamel.

  • Sodium hydroxide

This ingredient helps in removing the residual deposits, making way for whiter teeth.

  • Carbopol Polymers

This ingredient is used to thicken the whitening gel. It is known to make the teeth whitening process more and more effective as time progresses. It is present in the Crest Teeth Whitening Stripsto enhance the process.

These are some of the main ingredients you need to look at when buying a teeth whitening treatment kit. And rest assured, all of them are present in perfect proportions in the Crest Teeth Whitening StripsResearches have shown that no two people have the same colour or size of teeth. The dentin, which is the inner layer of the tooth, is slightly yellow.

The outer layer or the upper coating of the dentin is the enamel, which is the one that gives your teeth the natural white hue. A person can’t have white teeth. And yes, while there might be some who might have a shade whiter than yours, but that’s ok. With Crest Teeth Whitening strips, anyone can have achieved a whiter smile in a matter of weeks. It is one of the most pocket-friendly mediums to get whiter pearls.

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