Custom Sleeve Boxes
Custom Sleeve Boxes

If you thought that custom sleeve boxes are only for selected products then you are in the wrong. Brands of all sizes globally use them to add an additional layer of security to their products. are you aware of the fact that custom packaging for tangible items will cross four trillion dollars in the year twenty-twenty-two? it is because the packaging industry has revolutionized the options to introduce choices like custom sleeve boxes.  

The inventive styles of these boxes help the customers remember the product. throw in more details like vivid colors, striking themes and exclusive finishes and one had the perfect retail packaging that can win customers hearts and prompt them to make a purchase in the short window of opportunity. Today when most economies of the world are locked down due to the pandemic, secure and protective packaging is more in demand. Using custom sleeve boxes, the companies can satisfy their customers and exceed their expectations. 

Custom Printed Sleeve Boxes Enhance Functionality 

It is vital to remember that custom printed sleeve boxes comprise a base and a lid covering the products placed inside correctly. The layer of the top and the bottom add a security layer to the products packed inside. Because of this reason, the use of custom printed sleeve boxes is widespread in the packaging of delicate products. 


Most crockery marketing companies use no other option than the custom printed sleeve boxes to ship, display and even store their products. Tailored according to the dimension of the objects placed inside the packaging is so compact that it often requires removing a bit of force to take out the products. Brands can either add more functionality details like separators, dividers and inserts depending on products. One can either add more functionality details or attraction to the custom packaging boxes like custom rigid boxes they order from the printing and packaging companies.

Custom Sleeve Packaging Boxes Benefit the Clients and the Customers

The easiest way to boost sales and win customer attention is by making clever use of packaging. Custom sleeve packaging boxes are ideal for packaging cosmetic items that are delicate. Their inventive layouts provide enough space on the boxes to print unique visual content and attract customers. Moreover, the finishes and add-ons on the custom sleeve packaging boxes make them eye-candy so that every customer feels compelled to check out the products placed inside. 

Untitled design

Customers use the custom sleeve packaging boxes designed and developed from durable cardboard stocks even after the original product finishes. I remember using a product that came in custom sleeve packaging boxes, which could easily be converted into small table trays. For the longest time, I thought that it was made from plastic. But when I observed a scrape on it, I realized it was made from cardboard. 

Never Ignore to Add Product Information to Sleeve Packaging Boxes

Clever business entities use both sides of sleeve packaging boxes to talk to their customers. They print their story and other related information on sleeve packaging boxes. It helps them create a better shelf impact of their products. the space on these boxes is used to print;

  1. Association identifiers etc.
  2. Barcodes
  3. Nutritional information
  4. Retail prices
  5. Safety warnings
  6. Storage instructions 
  7. Warnings 
  8. Weight of products, etc. 

When opting for text selection for sleeve packaging boxes appropriate typography elements are selected. It includes the selection of font, its size etc. the main aim remains easy to ready. 

Affordable Custom Boxes Options

If you are looking for custom sleeve boxes for your products look through the versatile range created by printing and packaging company ClipnBox. There are other affordable packaging options with respect to shapes and sizes I.e. custom magnetic boxes, lid-off boxes, gable boxes, etc.