Trends come and go, but your style can last for as long as your interests, which could be your lifetime. Having your own distinctive style is a great way for you to better understand yourself, as well as an opportunity for you to represent yourself to the world. When you are confident in the pieces you wear and the way you style yourself, it generally draws others in to want to know more about you; they recognize that you are a person who knows who they are and accept it. This is especially true if you wear your heart on your sleeve through expressive pieces that make statements you connect with. 

One such bold, distinctive piece that tells something about the wearer is the dagger earring. You’ve probably seen dagger earrings before; they often look like circular ear cuffs that go through the lobe and have a dagger or sword charm dangling. However, any earring of the same style still shows insight into the wearer through the symbol they choose to associate with themselves. 

If you love the look of the dagger earring, or other earrings of a similar style, and want to wear these statements, you should first know some of the common ideas that dagger earrings represent. Of course, an image can mean something unique and specific to each person who wears it, but you can learn some of the common representations that are associated with dagger earrings in order to have a better idea of how to represent yourself through this style piece.

What Do Dagger Earrings Symbolize?

There are a ton of different ideas about what daggers symbolize, although any person can determine what meaning they specifically gleam from the image, even if it goes against the mold. Daggers are representative of both the masculine and feminine, although the symbol of a dagger facing up to the sky is generally thought to be more connected to the masculine, while a downwards facing dagger is more ambiguous in terms of gender constructs. Dagger earrings have the design of a downwards dagger.

Some of the ideas about dagger symbols are opposites, and when you further consider the meanings associated with daggers versus the ones associated with swords, it gets even more complex. But looking specifically at the dagger, it is seen as a weapon of bravery and courage that protects the one wielding it. It also shows protection for the people the owner shields. Along with the idea of protection comes the suggestion of loyalty and sacrifice. 

In addition to the dagger’s reference to battle and strength come the references to secrecy, stealth, and even deception, since the dagger is a small weapon that can easily be hidden until the owner chooses to reveal it. There are also sad connotations connected to the dagger, like loss, regret, and death. Which of these representations about the dagger you identify with is up to you, but these are some ideas others may associate with the symbol.

Why Do Earrings Tarnish?

When you choose to make a statement with your style, you want to make sure it will last for as long as you connect with that idea. However, many people don’t believe jewelry can be made to last, since their only experiences are with cheap pieces that tarnish or fall apart. When earrings tarnish, they lose their pure original color; the metal begins to fade or take on a gray or black shade that is far from appealing. 

The actual process of tarnishing occurs because the jewelry interacts with skin, sweat, water, heat, or the chemicals in beauty products and the metal begins to corrode in response. 

How Do I Find Earrings That Won’t Tarnish?

The good news is that you can buy jewelry that was made to last without tarnishing—look for high quality metals like stainless steel, titanium, gold, or platinum. You also want to choose pieces that are hypo-allergenic, as they’ll be non-irritating on your skin and won’t turn it that distinctive green-black color of oxidation. Any jewelry that is water- and sweat-proof guarantees additional protection, and it’s always wisest to select a brand that offers a lifetime warranty with their products; then you can rest assured that if anything happens to your jewelry, the replacement is covered. 


When you wear any symbol, you make a statement that connects to the associated meanings of that image, although you can carry what it means to you privately. The dagger holds many suggestions of representation ranging from courage and loyalty to stealth and deception to loss and death. However you connect with the dagger, be sure to wear your dagger earrings proudly by selecting ones that last without tarnishing, irritating your skin, or fading in water. Symbols often become a part of you, so make sure your method of wearing your symbol  endures as well.