Friendship is a beautiful thing. A friend is someone who will help you when you are in need, often without that person expecting something in return. The dictionary says that a friend is someone “in whom one can confide and trust”. Another saying says a friend is someone “who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked”. There have been thousands of books, songs, and movies dedicated to this subject. Descartes said, “Friendship is one of the finest bonds of love that ties human souls together.” To be a friend is a great responsibility. But it has its rewards. One word that can describe friendship: is unconditional love! But what makes friendship even more beautiful is the treats you share. So, here were some of the most delicious treats for your best friend that you should definitely go for:

  1. Cupcakes:
    Cupcakes! Ah, cupcakes. Cupcakes are cute because of how they look — miniature versions of full-sized cakes with frosting and other packed gourmet goodies by hand in a beautiful bakery-covered box to store for later or for consumption that very day. Cupcakes are a kind of cake that can be served at teatime, party time, or any time! They are not only quite popular and famous worldwide as desserts but can also beautify the atmosphere of parties and gatherings. Cupcakes are decorated with frosting or colourful cupcake wrappers—a perfect treat for your best friend.
  2. Chocolates:
    Chocolates are a great gift for any occasion. They are a universal way to show someone you care. A small token of love, and care for the right person, can mean a lot and make them feel better. Flowers are a popular choice for gifts. It would be a pleasant surprise if you gave them something they could eat! You can also go for personalised chocolates. 
  3. Cookies:
    Whether you are a novice or experienced shopper, gift-giving occasions that require you to give a special gift to a family member or friend can be tricky and anxiety-provoking. It is often tough to decide what you should give as a present. However, by giving someone a cookie, you will make sure that they will like the gift and remember it for quite some time. In other words, if you want to make the occasion special for an important person in your life, you should think about giving them delicious cookies of their favourite flavour. 
  4. Jar cakes:
    Jar cakes have been around for over a long time, and these days, many people have different jar cakes. There is no pure definition of what a jar cake is or how it is made. These cakes work on the idea of assembling all the ingredients at once by mixing and piping them into an airtight container as soon as possible before they begin to harden in their current form. The main appeal of this type of cake is that it can last for longer, and it gives one less hassle in preparing the food. The flavours of the cake will depend on the person’s taste who is making the cake, and they can choose whatever flavours they like, such as chocolate, vanilla bean, hazelnut, red velvet, mocha or caramel cream. If you have a close friend, who loves to eat desserts or bakes delicious cakes for you, then gift them jar cakes that spread mouth watering aromas in your house and make everyone feel hungry. They will surely be happy when you give them jar cakes. Many websites sell jars with incredible designs made by famous artists that you can use as gifts.
  5. Macarons:
    Macarons are a delicious sweet treat. Yum! This year, give the best gift of all: Macarons. Why not surprise your best friend with an assortment of delicious French Macarons of their favourite flavour? Macarons are small, round confections made from almond flour and folded into sandwich-like layers. Fluffy, light and filled with flavor, these French pastries can be dipped in coffee for a quick pick-me-up. The delicate treat can also be filled with a variety of luscious fillings like chocolate ganache or lemon curd, the latter of which is perfect for the summer months. 

Your best friend always comes to you for advice on the latest and greatest products or ideas. So why not give her something that she’s never seen before to make her rethink what “treasure” really means truly? These days, it has become harder to keep friendships. Today, there is more pressure to stay connected in the age of cell phones, instant messaging, and social media. However, this can be detrimental because it is more challenging to cultivate friendships with people we don’t often communicate with in “real-time”. So, to keep the bond forever delightful, you need delicious treats for your best friends. So, here were some of the most delicious treats for your best friend that you should definitely go for. You can go for any of these with some special gift delivery in Gurgaon and surprise your best friend like never before!