Regardless of how old or young and health-conscious or not someone is, there is no denying that medical emergencies can rear their head at any time. The hospitalization resulting from such situations causes a lot of financial and emotional stress. Rather than worrying about managing finances during a time like this, it’s better to invest in the best health insurance plans in India.

When it comes to considering any insurance plan, one of the first things an individual needs to understand is what the policy covers. And there is a lot more than only a list of diseases that are covered by a Health Insurance Policy.

What Does a Health Insurance Plan Cover?

Health insurance usually covers the expenses incurred in the process of diagnosing a health condition or a disease. Typically, the best health insurance plan covers a particular list of diseases, including bypass surgeries, sudden cardiac arrests, tumors, cancers, etc. However, these are not the only medical expenses you’re entitled to.

What Is Covered by The Best Health Insurance?

Long-term policies usually cover the hospitalization costs when one has to stay in a hospital for a long duration. Also, it helps to reduce the costs of living under home assistance or an assisted living facility because of a severe illness. Such a policy comes explicitly to the aid when a person has no one to take care of him and cannot physically take care of himself. You can consider Niva Bupa Health Insurance company for the best insurance plans for you and your family. 

Pre And Post Hospitalization Costs

The doctors might ask for the medical reports before and after the procedure. A long-term health insurance plan covers the cost of all of these for a period of sixty days before the treatment starts and ninety days after the treatment.

Cashless Admission to Hospitals

Companies offering health insurance plans generally offer ID cards to policyholders that let them seek admission to all healthcare centers or hospitals under the network of the insurance provider, without the need to make advance payments.

Reimbursing For Health Expenses

If the policyholder’s chosen center doesn’t come under the list of network hospitals in the Niva Bupa health insurance policy, they can still get treated there. They will have to submit the reimbursement claim by submitting all the documents and bills mentioned in the policy.

Cash Benefits for Hospitalization

If the policyholder has an illness that has them hospitalized for a long time, their Mediclaim policy will cover the daily costs of hospitalization for around fifty days or more.

Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Though most policies do not offer coverage for pre-existing health conditions, the best health insurance policies even include medical issues like asthma, diabetes, and the like. However, the policyholder needs to follow the guidelines of the waiting period. So, there is usually a four-year wait until a claim can be filed.

Charges for Ambulance

Generally, health insurance in India also covers ambulance charges, which easily saves a person at least a few thousand bucks. The multiple features covered by a long-term insurance plan make it a good idea for any individual or family member suffering from a prolonged illness. 

The Bottom Line

The best health insurance company in India can easily prepare you for any emergency. If you have not yet considered how an unexpected hospitalization would impact your finances, now is an excellent time to explore what your options are so that you can make educated decisions when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones from financial ruin.