Enterprises worldwide are extremely zealous in the digital transformation. They invest in digital technology platforms to step up productivity and growth.

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But, are they actually gain productivity they envisioned?

The study found that many companies had less productivity gains despite increased technology investments. They choose digital platforms that are not important to their business and it remains a bottleneck in the digital transformation journey.

Choosing the right digital solution is the need of the hour for enterprises to stay competitive in the digital savvy world.

What Causes Companies to Fail in Digital Adoption?

Lack of analytics skills

This is an era of data. Digital-adoption enable companies to generate more revenue through data-driven capability, i.e., generate insights from the company data.

If the digital solution lacks analytical skills to grab insights from the company data, this  stalls expansion and growth. They stay where they are. So today, to drive success in the digital space, you must build data-driven culture

So what next to overcome this challenge

  • Identify the analytics capability your business need to gain the benefits.
  • Understand about analytics capabilities like AI and machine learning
  • Consider deploying the solution that has the analytics capability to gain benefits

Employee resistance

Change is inevitable for digitalized organizations. But in reality, not all employees accept this change. As per Forbes, a significant percent of change fail due to employee resistance. This could hamper the efforts to the adoption of digital transformation.

How to overcome this challenge

  • Communication with employees is important. If a change is communicated only to a particular group, the other group that is not informed of this will object.
  • It is extremely important to give personalized training to implement this change. This training helps employees adapt to the change and will see increase in their productivity

Inconsistency of modern technology platform with legacy, outdated system

A potential concern when adopting digital solutions is the changing digital standards. Mostly, enterprises consider the short-term change, not the long-term change.

When you plan for a comprehensive digital transformation, choose the most advanced solution that bring long-term benefits.

Moreover, the solution you choose must align with the technology in your enterprise. Choose the digital solution that accelerate innovation, growth and productivity in the long-term.

Understanding the basics of digital adoption challenges might have given you insights into the technology solution you should choose.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is capable to take your digital transformation efforts forward.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Ai applications are comprehensive enough to help you adapt to the changing customer and market needs, and even global pressure. Enterprises that need solution to meet their long-term goals and propel digital transformation, it is justifiable to choose Dynamics 365.

So, when you decide to adopt a suitable Dynamics 365 app for your business, it will be worth to seek help to know about Dynamics 365. Experienced Microsoft partners can throw light on the in and out of the solution which helps you make a wise decision.

Why Dynamics 365 is an apt digital choice for your business?

Data analytics capability

Dynamics 365 offers rich analytics capability to gain insights into your business and customers. Microsoft AI enable everyone to make smart decisions by turning your data into insights. To extend analytics capabilities, you can integrate Microsoft Power BI with your D365 app.

Centralized data:

Dynamics 365 provides centralized data that allows various departments to share and access data that is relevant to respective departments. Centralized data breaks down data silos and reduce data redundancy, helping users to make effective use of data to improve customer experience, sales and more.

Artificial intelligence

AI helps to anticipate customer needs helping users to deliver what customers want, discover new sales opportunities, enable sales people to take next best actions, improve sales through guided selling, analyze data to gain insights in business growth.


Dynamics 365 offers greater flexibility when it comes to integration. The application can be integrated with Microsoft 365, other Dynamics 365 apps, Microsoft Power Platform and other third-party systems. The integration not only help to expand app capabilities, but also achieve specific business goals.


Dynamics 365 comes with many built-in reports that can be used to improve business decision making and growth. You can take reports on financial, sales, purchase, inventory, project, planning, and more. D365 Dashboards allows you view reports in visual format.


The advantage of D365 is that it is scalable in nature. You can scale up based on your requirements. Monthly subscription allows you to add or remove licenses as required. Dynamics 365 cloud hosting ensures no restrictions on resource usage and this means more scalability.


Automation capability automates tasks helping you improve productivity. Automated workflows can be created to automate day-to-day tasks such as sending emails, trigger SMS alerts and other processes in Dynamics 365. You can extend the power of automation with the integration of Power Automate.

All the capabilities in Dynamics365, and more, ensures a solution that puts your business at the digital forefront.

What you need to overcome the digital adoption challenge is to rely on the expertise of Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts who are good at D365 customization, integration, support and training.

Hiring a dedicated and experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners will be of great help to make the D365 implementation process seamless. They will have a proven and clear-cut methodology to ensure successful Dynamics 365 implementation and business success.

If your business is in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America or Asian countries, avail the expertise of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, and India.