malachite jewelry

Malachite  is an exceptionally beautiful stone and is often used in jewelry. Its name derives from the Greek word “malache” or mallow, or rather from its beautiful green leaves, or from the word “malakos” or soft.

In fact, it’s a soft mineral – on the Mohs hardness scale, it has a value of 4, making it easy to cut and polish, revealing unusual shades of green, creating unique line patterns. Therefore, malachite jewelry, most often set in silver, is exceptionally effective and original.

Malachite in jewelry

Beautiful malachite in the form of pendants, earrings or bracelets framed in silver enchant all girls who love green.

This unique stone, creating unique patterns in heterogeneous shades of green against a silver backdrop, will make every woman wearing these jewels look unique and very feminine.

Women who love minerals will also be delighted, and their beautiful green colors will relieve stress and improve well-being.

Malachite Health Properties

Malachite is valued not only as a gemstone, but also as a stone with healthy properties.

Due to the presence of copper, bactericidal properties are attributed, which is why it was formerly made in cups, where water was drunk willingly to improve digestion and strengthen strength.

In addition, it helps to achieve peace and balance and also improves concentration. But it also relieves labor pains and prevents complications during pregnancy.

Helps with rheumatic pain, improves the circulatory system and strengthens vitality. Certainly, the green colors of this miraculous stone bring tranquility and have an upbeat effect.

Magic properties

Malachite is a stone with a magical effect. So if the one we wear breaks, it means she warned us of danger. This gives us good, restful sleep and a lot of optimism. It also opens hearts to love.

Plus, it’s a transformation stone – it helps us make good changes. It is an extremely optimistic stone and those who believe in its power can positively change their lives.

Who is the malachite jewelry for?

Malachite is called the stone of business and sellers. Therefore, when placed in a place where money is stored, it is said to have a miraculous power to attract money . But it also helps to implement all business ventures with its energy.

It’s the perfect talisman for people born under the sign:

·         Twins,

·         Scorpio and,

·         Capricorn.

When looking for a gift for people with these zodiac signs, malachite will be the perfect choice and always one hundred percent right.

Jewelry with malachite is also recommended for the elderly, as it is considered to be supportive in the treatment of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.


They call the stone malachites of flight attendants and pilots, as well as travelers, because it reduces the fear of flying.

In ancient Egypt, it was used to paint the eyelids to protect against eye diseases.

Malachite, like any other mineral, requires special care and maintenance. We wash under cold running water, as it does not like high temperatures and is sensitive to acids and ammonia, which can damage it. It should also not come into contact with soap.