Homebuyers searching for a spacious and lavish residence in Gurgaon might be interested in DLF Floors Phase 3, a housing project by esteemed developer DLF Limited.

This project offers a lifestyle that homebuyers crave, with a plethora of amenities and various locational advantages. The housing project has already drawn the interest of plenty of property buyers and is expected to succeed.

DLF Floors Phase 3 is a new launch spacious and luxurious residence, Gurugram. The project is built by DLF Utilities Limited. They provide skillfully designed 4BHK independent floors with all necessities.

The wide windows and the spacious balconies allow the residents to enjoy the great views and the ample fresh air to the fullest. The superb network of roads, railway, and metro rail in Gurgaon help the residents enjoy seamless connectivity.

Homes offer:

You would be glad to know that each apartment here spans across an entire floor. This implies that you would enjoy the privacy and ample personal space of living in an independent home, along with the amenities of a luxury housing complex.

Grand in design, these 4 BHK flats offer a nice ambiance. Starting from INR 3.60 crore, DLF Floors Phase 3 price list is quite fair considering the quality of lifestyle offered here.

Amenities available:

The project has been integrated with many desirable amenities that deliver a lavish lifestyle for the inhabitants. The various sports facilities here would help you stay active and socialize with other like-minded residents.

The luxurious clubhouse in DLF Limited Gurgaon would keep you entertained in your leisure time. The common areas stay under CCTV coverage all the time, and this, together with the sophisticated fire-safety infrastructure and reliable security staff, would keep the residents safe.

Locational benefits:

The DLF Floors Phase 3 location map shows several prestigious schools and colleges within a close distance. Thus, you would be able to provide quality education to your children. With several reputable hospitals, the region also has an excellent healthcare infrastructure.

Living in this grand housing complex, you would enjoy seamless transit to several locations in and around Gurgaon. Apart from the social and connectivity infrastructure, the city also offers envious commercial prospects and career opportunities.

Homes offered here:

The most significant advantage that the residents of this complex can enjoy is that each independent floors span across an entire floor. This ensures an adequate living area for the occupants and more personal space and privacy. This is a major reason behind the rising popularity of independent floors.

Price INR 3.60 crore onwards. These flats come with four bedrooms each. Interested homebuyers may look at the DLF Floors Phase 3 price list and choose a suitable payment plan. Nature lovers would enjoy living in one of these homes, thanks to the lush green open spaces’ scenic views.

Amenities in this project:

Housing projects by DLF Limited are known to come packed with lavish amenities, and this one is no different. The estate includes various indoor and outdoor recreational amenities, which would keep the inhabitants entertained and active.

The residents can always stay safe and sound, thanks to the modern firefighting system and the security features; CCTV cameras, etc.

Returns on investment:

The locational benefits in the region, especially the connectivity to the commercial hubs, would make this project by DLF Limited Gurgaon attractive to those seeking rental homes.

As a result, you would easily find tenants if you use the property as an investment asset. The lifestyle offered here would attract affluent tenants looking for a luxurious lifestyle and thus ensure high returns.

Lavish residential spaces:

The homes being spread across an entire floor each, offer plenty of floor area to the residents. In fact, they come in configurations of 4 BHK, with the smartly designed floor plans ensuring maximum usable space.

These lavish homes have been priced quite fairly, starting from INR 3.60 crore. The DLF Floors Phase 3 price list and payment plan might be of interest to you.
Buying one of these builders & independent floors would be a wise choice, whether for personal or commercial use.
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