The one question Mammoth Security often gets asked quite a lot is whether wireless security cameras need an internet connection? And the answer clients get is no; wireless security cameras don’t need the internet to function. This is possible because wireless security cameras come with an SD card feature to store video footage temporarily. 

Let’s take a closer look at wireless security cameras in-depth. 

How Do Wireless Security Cameras Work Without Internet Connection?

The first thing most people often assume when they hear the word “wireless” is that it must operate on the internet. However, this notion isn’t true because internet access isn’t everywhere. And the best part about having wireless security cameras that don’t require the internet to function is that you can install them in areas with no internet access. 

Thanks to wireless security cameras, warehouses in rural farms, industrial urban areas, and vacant homes can constantly be monitored in rural farms and industrial urban areas. So, how do wireless security cameras work without the internet? These cameras work by connecting to an onboard SD card or an NVR storage device.

You and your portable devices may benefit from knowing their differences, even though microsdhc card are all secure digital memory cards.

Network Video Recorders (NVR)

Network video recorders (NVR) are excellent storage systems that help manage the recordings from a system of wireless cameras. Using this device storage, you can connect several wireless security cameras using LAN cables. A connection is then made to a TV or monitor with the LAN cables, allowing you to view the live footage.

This feature comes in pretty handy, especially if you have no internet connection and want to view the footage. The NVR also creates a private network with wireless security cameras. You can also manage this private network to allow you to transmit the stored video footage successfully.

The only downside to a Network Video Recorder is that you can’t view the camera’s footage without an internet connection. 

SD Card

Another way wireless security cameras work without an internet connection is with the help of an onboard SD card. Today, most wireless security cameras come with an SD card feature that you can use to store footage whenever your network connection isn’t available temporarily.

However, it’s important to note that SD card storage is only temporary and is activated whenever you have internet connectivity issues. This feature ensures that whenever you have no internet, the footage from your wireless camera won’t be lost.

You also have to constantly replace your SD card, as you wouldn’t want it to get too full to store your footage.

The Drawbacks of Using a Wireless Security Camera Without Internet Access

Despite being a complete lifesaver, especially in areas where internet access isn’t present, these wireless security cameras have certain drawbacks. And they include:

Lack of Remote Access

A wireless security camera has remote access depending on whether there is an active network connection. Most wireless cameras have been built to transmit video footage over an internet connection and cloud-based storage. However, the wireless security camera can fail to transmit storage to you remotely without an internet connection.

So, if you want to monitor your business or residence while away, you will need an internet connection. You can also use a LAN cable or mobile hotspot to bring your security cameras online.

Remote Backup

You can now remotely backup all your video storage, thanks to cloud storage. But for wireless cameras, without this internet connectivity, remote backup of your information will not be possible. So, if you want all your footage backed up remotely, you may have to connect your wireless cameras to the internet.

No Push Notifications

You will not be notified when your camera detects movement without internet access. However, this feature depends on the wireless security cameras’ intelligence capabilities. 

Controlling a wireless security camera without internet connectivity is relatively easy. However, if you are looking for options that allow you to view footage in real-time, you may require internet connectivity.

But, if you want to view your video footage remotely, you can add the software that enables the wireless footage to do so. However, make sure to connect your wireless security camera to your home router.

Remember, it is pretty easy to disable security systems connected to the internet. Therefore, ensure that you take all the precautions necessary to guarantee that your cameras are safe. You can liaise with a security company to ensure that your wireless security cameras are doing their designated job.