If you are curious about the app development process and want to try your hand at app development, this guide by Exemplary Marketing breaks it down for you to familiarise yourself with the process and expand on your skills.

What Type Of App Do do You Want?

Rarely is a new app born from an entirely new idea. Typically paps are created based on existing software that is reused to meet your needs. Figure out what you do and do not want and what apps you are impressed by to give your idea a starting point. After that, you can hire a freelance developer to develop your required application.

Research Your Niche

Get an idea of what other apps are available in your niche and identify what they offer and what you are up against/ If you do not know your competition, your app might not compete when it does hit the app market.

Make A Plan

Visualize your app with drawings to help you visualize what you want it to look like and how it needs to be styled to be user-friendly. What is the goal of your app, and what do you expect it to do?

A mock-up can help you with this stage. A mockup depicts the appearance of an app without distracting you with unnecessary details. It takes a functional rather than an aesthetic approach to the design of your app.

A mockup should also describe the app’s flow and interactions. What happens if you press that button? What is the best way to get from screen A to screen B? What is your app’s navigation flow?

At this stage it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to work. The finer details can be explored later on.

Create A Wireframe

Your wireframe is your opportunity to translate your vision into the confines of a mobile screen. Don’t worry; you don’t have to make any specific design decisions just yet. This step involves developing the workflows and overall structure of your app.

Use wireframing tools to help you with this step, and once you have your wireframe laid out, you will get a feel for how the pages within your app will look. To see if your wireframes are solid, use a tool like Invision to create a click-through model. This allows you to click through the screens you’ve planned and tests whether the navigation you’ve designed makes sense.

Ask friends and family to check out your app design and get some feedback before committing to it. You can make changes and adapt what you have based on real-life user feedback.
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App Design

Now is the time to consider the actual design of your app and create visually appealing, realistic mockups. This is a critical step because it will leave a lasting impression on your users, so don’t rush or skimp on your app design. A great-looking, professional, and beautiful design is what will propel your app to the top of the charts.

What colors, fonts, and design elements to use is a big decision, so we’ll go over that in more detail in the design tips section below.

This is a step that is better carried out by experienced mobile app designers and is generally advised against unless you are a graphic designer.

Testing Your App

A necessary process you need to undertake when building your mobile app is testing it. You want to have all of your devices to hand to run through the testing process thoroughly. Choose different screen sizes and resolutions to feel how other people will see your app when using it.

You should look for interface consistency as well as general backward incompatibility. What works on the best Android device 6.0 may not work on 4.1, and to find out if 4.1 is supported, contact your local developer.

When it comes to testing your app, you want to make sure you have developed v1 that works along with v2 and so on that will work without breaking v1. This process should help you to continue to develop and hone your app until you get the version that is ready for market and to be downloaded by users.

Consulting A Mobile App Design Company

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