If you are a DIY fan, you probably know just how necessary good tools are for your project. And the tool truck franchise from Cornwell Tools does provide the equipment you need for your home improvement project. But, one question people ask a lot about Cornwell Quality Tools is whether they make their own tools.

Yes, every tool in their hardline, from sockets, wrenches, and extensions, are all made in the USA at their Mogadore, Ohio, Albion, and Pennsylvania Foundry machining plants. The USA-sourced steel used to create these tools creates better quality and more consistent tools than other overseas manufacturers.

Apart from making their own tools, what else should you know about Cornwell Quality Tools?

When Was It Founded?

Eugene Cornwell founded Cornwell Quality Tools in 1919. He was a blacksmith from Cuyahoga Fall, Ohio, so starting a tool company was a natural fit for him. Despite having been in existence for several years now, this tool company is still privately held. It is also one of the two remaining tool companies that produce its own tools.

Other aspects that make Cornwell Quality Tools different include:

Employee and Family Owned

Cornwell Tools is both a family and employee-owned business. Cornwell values everyone who works for them as part of their team, which is why the company has survived for over ten decades. They are known to treat every franchise like family by incorporating each franchise owner as a part of the team; it helps them make work even harder.

Geographic Territories

Another aspect that makes Cornwell Quality Tools different is its diverse geographic territories. This diversity allows Cornwell franchises to sell their tools to anyone in their geographic area, including schools, industrial customers, and municipalities.

The diverse geographic territories also enable customers to add to their lists of Cornwell Tool franchise businesses around their area. It also allows more opportunities for the Cornwell Quality Tools franchisee businesses to grow.

Business Network

Cornwell Quality Tools has developed a Business Network platform known as the Ironman Business Network. This comprehensive technology package and software help to support and manage businesses. It also makes it easier for business owners to place orders, keep records, and collect their customer data.

The Ironman Business Network was designed to help businesses save time and focus on aspects like growing their businesses.

Quality Tools

Apart from having a team that feels like family, Cornwell Quality Tools also prides itself on the quality of tools it creates. As mentioned earlier, all of the tools Cornwell sells are made in the United States at their Ohio manufacturing facility. Each tool is designed and built with your convenience in mind.

Franchise Opportunities

Cornwell Quality Tools also offers franchise opportunities, which allow people to become a part of the Cornwell family. However, it does so in a different way. Cornwell offers its franchise opportunities in the form of a mobile franchise opportunity. What makes this method different?

First, you get to save money as owning a mobile franchise is much cheaper than owning a commercial real estate franchise like restaurants or stores. Second, you get to take the shopping experience right to the customer’s door. All you have to do is stock your vehicle with the tools clients want.

Lastly, you get the freedom to place orders, make sales, and manage your customer data, all while on the road. You also don’t have to worry about paying costly storefront fees, as with a Cornwell’s mobile franchise, you pay less to start nurturing your business.

The opportunities that this franchise business offers to include:

Training and Support

Starting a new business, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a franchise opportunity, is hard. And you do require a helping hand to navigate the barriers along the way. Cornwell does offer a helping hand for franchise owners in the form of their training and support programs.

Their training program is designed to help you know how to run your Cornwell Tools franchise. It doesn’t matter your background; the training program helps give you the information you need to run a business.

The training involves 40 hours of classroom work with one-on-one coaching for an additional two weeks in your franchise territory. The classroom training subjects will cover ten topics, all of which will help you learn more about Cornwell Tools Franchising.

So, if you are ever looking for a franchise business to invest in, why not try Cornwell Tools? And with them making your own tools, you can be confident that your investment will be worthwhile.